View Full Version : FOR Qunite

03-07-2014, 05:28 AM
account:alfie236 and ip

who banned you: qunite

I will like to apologize on how i behaved and would like to ask for a unban, i would also appreciate if you would admit you was wrong to ban me for 30days and not ban all the others who said the word to thats all i ask for.

03-07-2014, 05:37 AM

Yes i will be honest i was hasty on the ban time of 30 days and i dont have an excuse i was just really busy with the .chat spam and other jobs and i just saw that word which i automatically class as racism since i know people Irl which would take that really offensive so i do apologize for the hasty decision but at the same time half the server hating on me was just making it a less easier to leave your ban. i did post on your last appeal to pm me and talk to me in private about the ban being lifted but this will do.

Just please next time try word your sentences in .chat carefully i know alot of people say *nigga* in context with friends but its a awkward word to use since it has a mixed meaning.

I hope to put all this behind us and be assured i have nothing against you and i would still rather not have banned you but all the work i was doing was clouding my judgement and im truly sorry.

Take care and have fun in the future on the server :)