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03-18-2014, 12:10 AM
This is a response from my last ban appeal, which can be found at: Swody ban appeal racism (http://forums.wowmortal.com/ban-appeals/10247-swody-ban-appeal-racism.html#post62815)
It's been 3 days, I can make a ban appeal.

Character Name: swody
Realm: destiny
Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: racism
Reason for being Unbanned: i didnt know saying heil hitler was racist . Saying heil hitler isn't racist. did i use it in anger, or did i mean to offend anyone? No. I simply said heil hitler and i respectfully wish to be unbanned, thank u. i dont think u should be banned for saying something as simple as that, thats like saying because i said nazi, that means i should be banned for racism. sorry for my two sense but i wasn't originally going to make a ban appeal but since i already am, i might as well do it. No disrespect.



I have some words, I request a reconsideration of my last ban appeal, being that the GM took it in the absolute wrong way.
Also, being that I have been banned about a week ago, I WAS BANNED FOR SPEAKING MY MIND. A permanent IP ban for "disrespecting staff"
Anyways, here we go.

"It's about the most offensive things you can say, illegal in some countrys. Not thinking it is offensive is about as offensive as saying it. If someone uses it "in anger" they need help..because something is wrong.
It doesn't matter if its said with an intention or not people will be offended it's such a clumsy and stupid thing to say.

Considering this was the 21st time you where banned the 1d ban has been overruled by a higher ranked GM. Your ban time is now 15 days.
The occupation of my country started on April 9th 1940 and ended 8th May 1945, I find it quite offensive as well when people salute that massmurderer.

Ban appeal: DENIED"

To me this sounds like a personal grudge, and a personal issue. Please take a minute to review the following.

So you're saying because I salute him, it's racist? (Which I don't) I don't think so. I think you should get your priorities straight. In my country, we can say whatever we want. I think this is a personal issue. So because you don't like Hitler, you decide to ban me for it (without warning might I say). I just don't think it was a very racist thing to say. Please tell me in what way this is offensive, I mean it could be offensive to you. But that's you. You're being completely illogical and inconsiderate. I don't think saying "Heil Hitler" is a very racist thing to say, because there can be some people out there that do intentionally, worship him. You're going to hypothetically ban them too? I did not use it against anyone, I did not use it in anger and I did not use it in vain. I believe I am entitled to what I believe, and so are you. For the record, this is the second time I have been banned for speaking my mind. I think the staff of WoWMortal should reconsider and review the rules, and enforce the GM's because a simple phrase, such as "Heil Hitler" being used in context as a reference to a meme I read online, shouldn't be treated with even a 24 hour ban. I think a simple warning, or maybe a 24 hour mute could provide such warning. I respectfully request a reconsideration of my ban appeal consequence, providing that just because you find it offensive, doesn't mean that it's intentionally racist. I'm going to go ahead and say that saying "Heil Hitler" isn't racist. You're taking it in an entirely different level. If I said something such as "Heil Timothy Mcveigh" I seriously doubt any action would have been taken. Banning someone because of their beliefs, is unjustifiable. Again, I request a new reconsideration to my ban.

P.s. if you don't know who Timothy Mcveigh is, he's an American terrorist who bombed a government building in Oklahoma (United States).

Also, upon further escalation I am learning that when people are using more racial slurs, even worse then what I did they are only and simply receiving a 5 minute mute. What is this? I'm being banned for 15 days for two words, when others are blatantly trolling and only getting 5 minute mutes? okay coexist.

03-18-2014, 05:40 PM
Appeal: Denied