View Full Version : LOL the staff changed my password and after that banned me???

03-22-2014, 03:53 PM
Character Name: Andrenna
Realm: Destiny
Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: I didn't do anything wrong. 2 days ago (in Thursday) I played WoW normally and in the night I did a logout. MOST IMPORTANTLY, yesterday when I tried to login it said the password was wrong, I tried to reset it on web page via the ''Lost Password Option'' but I didn't get any mail on my email. AND NOW when I tried to login it said that my account is closed???
WTF is going on???
I can't check my status on the web page because the password is changed, someone changed my password and I'm pretty sure it's someone from the staff (*******). I can't even login on the web page.
Reason for being Unbanned: I didn't do anything, nothing really, I don't know why am I banned, probably banned by a mistake or idk what.
I must be unbanned....