View Full Version : **** i lost my guild

05-20-2015, 09:25 PM
**** someone deleteed my guild without any reson and i lost all my farmings ****ing idiots ,i lost 2tabs shirts normal all type and
1 tab full illusion trabads and all legendary shirts full collection
and one tab full of ratings xmog gearsall type + invisible plate and male set
600 buff + 320 box +rare alcamy flask + 12x rare coustum and dp mount
all gone in guild bank i am the onely one in the guild some gm deleteed my guild guild name <Eat sleep play repeat>**** i need my items back !!!
char name jarvis

05-20-2015, 09:55 PM
No Staff member has deleted your Guild, this isn't a conspiracy against you.
Your Guild is still active, you just don't seem to be in it.

Make a ticket in-game.