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05-28-2015, 12:31 AM
** I asked Nytelia about this and was told to make my own application template since there isn't one already in place for moderators. So here we go.

~ What is your name?
My name is Nick.

~ What is your main character's name?
My main character's name is Crazey.

~ How old are you?
I am 21 years old.

~ What time zone are you in? {EST, CST, etc}
My timezone is GMT -5.

~ Have you ever been banned before? Why?
No I have never been banned before.

~ Do you have Vent/Skype and if not, are you willing to download it? Do you have a working Microphone?
I have Skype and am on daily so I can be easily reached. Yes I have a working headset. No I do not have Vent, but I can always download it if needed.

~ Are you willing to be in Vent/Skype to talk with players?
Yes of course.

~ How active are you on the forums?
I am pretty active on the forums as I like to keep up with news, hot topics, and general small talk. I check the forums daily and make sure not to miss anything important if it is posted. I also believe people who play in-game and are forum regulars know more about what is going on than those who only play in-game.

~ Are you a forum troll?
Not at all. I refrain almost 99% of the time from engaging in that behavior as I think its highly immature and says a lot about the type of person. Feel free to look up my posts/threads to investigate. Nothing to hide.

~ Do you have previous experience as a Forum Moderator?
Yes I do.

~ If so, where? How long were you a Forum Mod for?
LegacyGamers - About 4-5 months if I remember correctly. Was HoS there.
Fusion GFX - About 5 months, was a GFX based forum that I created and owned.

~ Why do you think you would be a good addition to our Forum Mod team?
I have a mature mind and feel that the forum needs cleaning up. With the very small number of GM's and helpers in-game, I believe I can help lighten the load or take some of the responsibilities on myself and help keep the community forums clean of troll attempts, aggressive and insulting behavior and overall just make it a great place for people where they know rules will be enforced. I am helpful, dedicated to the job at hand and am always looking for new challenging responsibilities. Ambition is key.

~ Why should we pick you for Forum Mod?
All the posts I've made so far are positive or helpful. None of them come across as insulting. I am mature enough to handle the responsibilities and feel I'd make a great addition to the team by proving myself even more as a moderator. I am a forum-regular and I dislike seeing the forum rules not enforced. I'd like to step up and handle the duties and make sure the forum is neat, organized and in proper care. I've also contributed to the forums in various ways either by GFX tutorials, helping users with their problems whether it be technical or just answering a simple question regarding the server. I feel I would make a good fitting.

~ What are two qualities that you think a good FM should have?
A mature and patient mindset.

~ What do you think is the most important part of a FM's job?
I believe the most important part of a FM's job is be able to know when to make the right judgement or take the appropriate action needed, regardless of who or what it is for.

~ A player makes a report thread against another player, the posts following are all negative and bash the player who made the report, or the person being reported. How do you handle this?
I'd delete the flaming posts and send a warning to those people involved in the flaming/hateful comments.I'd clearly state to them in the warning that if they continue their behavior, they would receive a temporary ban. If I see them do it again, I'd give them an infraction (if run by an infraction system) or give them a temporary ban with a reason why so they can't say they were surprised.

~ A new forum account shows up and the owner spams the entire forum with threads linking to another private server. Explain the measures you would take to clean up the forums and deal with the forum account owner.
I'd delete every thread/post this user has made. I'd make note of the IP address this user has and issue an IP ban if possible (the reason being so that some forums do not have IP bans in place in their system, and others do). If I can't IP ban them, I'd simply ban the user permanently and be on the lookout for new registered users in the same time period, keeping an eye out for the special IP. Most people in these cases however give up after the initial ban.

~ How long have you played WoW?
I've been playing since the release of TBC expansion. I've played retail as well including all the expansions up till WoD.

~ How long have you played on WoWMortal?
I had an account made in 2013 and left for about 1 year due to personal reasons. I came back in June 2014 and having forgotten my account info, I made my currently main account and have been actively playing here since then.

~ Anything else you think we should know?
That I'd do my very best and make sure not to let the team or the community down. Thank you for reading and hope I am considered for the position. All the best.

05-28-2015, 12:46 AM
I knew this was coming but since you're so nice and helpful i'll Support this.

05-28-2015, 01:13 AM
No support rude and a troll ingame

05-28-2015, 02:29 AM
No support, we already have enough moderators, aka Jason, Mallbora, Nytelia and Laladin.

05-28-2015, 03:13 PM
We do not need any Moderators at the moment.