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11-03-2015, 07:21 PM
Hello dear Wowmortal Community,

my name is Elisa Didden, and I am here to apply for a Gamemaster role in WoWmortal.
Here are some Informations about me:

1. Where do I come from?
Im born in the Netherlands, but right now im moved to Germany.

2. Who am I and what are my Hobby's?
My name is Elisa Didden, im 16 years old and im Dutch :) Since 8 years i live in germany, and i want to stay here. Im now doing my study for being a Vet since i work with animals myself in my private time. I also do alot of creative stuff in my private time, For example i can draw very good, and im creative with everything. My hobby's are Ofcourse gaming, Riding horse, Freeflight my parrots and Train my dogs.

3. What are my strong points?
1st. Languages. I can learn Languages very fast. Im speaking 3 Languages (English, Dutch and German) and im Learning Portuguese for my trip next year.
2nd. helping in fights. When someone is in trouble, i always try to help where i can.
3rd. Teamwork, When you need me in Teamwork Situations, im always a handy one! call me and im there :)

4. My Weakness
I dont really have a weakness.. hehe :)

Now the question is, Why am i applicating?
Im applycating, because I love this server, im playing here since July last year, and im enjoying it to be here. I want to help the players where i can and i want to make this server better together with the other gamemasters.

Here is some information about my knowledge of Gamemaster:

I do have experience of being a Gamemaster, i know nearly all GM commands, ive been playing some time on Hearthstone-WoW, and also got a full GM there, Fixing bugs, helping people, building events etc. I had to stop because I had a problem with my health back then.

With who am I online ingame?
My ingame characters are Moonhunterx, and Fishysmell

When am I able to play?
Actually im able to play alot for a 16 year old student, i actually play 3h a day, from 8pm till 11pm maybe sometime when im early home between 12 and 6pm
In the Weekends i can play from 8pm till 12am and in vacation from 8pm till 3-4am.

I hope this application is anough to help the new players and older players and make them have a fun time!

Much love,

Elisa Didden, Moonhunterx

11-03-2015, 11:53 PM
Please follow the proper Gamemaster Application format: http://forums.wowmortal.com/staff-applications/12843-gamemaster-application-template.html

Read the requirements.

Application status: DENIED