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12-02-2015, 06:52 AM
Hello, my name is lautaro. I'm from Argentina, I have 18 years old, and I would love to join the staff, I have many years playing word of warcraft, from Burning Crusade, I have a lot of experience and patience, thank you very much and I hope to join. I speak English and Spanish :D

12-02-2015, 06:55 AM
Hello, there are a few requirements that are required before you can apply for staff. There is also a template that must be followed

amemaster Application Rules & Requirements

● Application posters are not to reply or discuss comments on their own Applications unless asked by a member of Staff. Comments will be deleted and can lead to a Denied Application.
● Off Topic comments will lead to deletion of posts and may lead to forum account suspensions (depending on the post).
● You must be at least 17 Years Old to be eligible to post a Staff Application. If known to be younger, your Application has a high chance of getting denied.
● You must have at least 20 reasonably quality posts (the quality of the posts will be decided by the WoWMortal Administration team).
● You must be part of the WoWMortal Forum community for at least 30 days prior to posting a Gamemaster Application(This means in-game and forums!). If known to be inactive or to have joined in-game or the forums for anything shorter than 30 days/1 month your Application will be effected by this.
● Any attempts of promoting your application to any Staff Members or the community, will result in an immediate Denial of your Application.
● Attempts at copying other player's applications, will result in an automatic Denial of your Application.
● You need to be able to use sense and reason.
● You need to act professional and not use your Gamemaster position only for personal benefit.

Template can be found here as well: http://forums.wowmortal.com/staff-applications/12843-gamemaster-application-template.html

Meet these requirements are apply at a later time for a chance to join staff.

Application Status: DENIED