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12-13-2015, 04:20 AM
Name: Ignite

Class: Mage

What it should be doing: When you crit (for example) 10000 with a fire spell, ignite should then tick for 40% of that amount over 2 ticks, in this example it would tick for 2000, followed by 2000.

What it's currently doing: The damage Ignite does by default is too low, as seen in the example here on a dummy:
Here you can see that Ignite only did approximately 25% of the original amount.

Will update if I find anything more on it.

Name: Combustion

Class: Mage

What it should be doing: Combines the current DPS of your Damage over Time spells and creates a dot that ticks for said DPS for ~10 seconds.
Pyroblast DoT ticks for 200 DPS
Ignite ticks for 800 DPS
Living Bomb ticks for 500 DPS

Combustion creates a dot that ticks for 1,500 DPS

What it's currently doing: I did a little bit of testing but I couldn't come to a conclusion as to what was wrong exactly, but one theory is that Mastery in itself is giving the actual combustion DoT more damage, thus giving all the previous dots say 30% more damage when applied, followed by combustion combining these, and then adding 30% on top of that. This should not happen.

Or the formula for the whole thing is just completely wrong because I tried different ways of combusting and it never made any sense as to what could be causing it to tick so differently from what it should.

12-13-2015, 06:00 AM
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