View Full Version : Echo of Light (holy priest mastery)

07-04-2016, 03:19 PM
Name: Echo of Light (mastery)
Class: Priest (holy)
What it should be doing: Healing for 10% of the initial heal.
What it's currently doing: Healing incorrect amounts. See below for details.

This spell is really weird. For example let me demonstrate.

I heal 5994 with Circle of Healing and the spell/mastery heals for 625 each tick (6 ticks in total), the hot itself heals for 3750 in total which is more than 50 % of the initial heal (~62,6 % to be more precise). If the spell was working correctly it should heal for 100 per tick(5994*0,1/6). At this stage it's healing for more than 6 times the amount it should.

Here I heal for 19302 with Flash Heal. Each tick heals for 847, total heal from the mastery is now 5082. Now 5082 is not near 50 % of the initial heal like Circle of Healing was (~26,3 % to be precise this time). If the spell/mastery was working correctly it should heal for 322 each tick (19302*0,1/6). This time it is healing for ~2,6 times more than it should.

Now testing it with an even bigger heal, Guardian Spirit. As you see Guardian Spirit heals me for 78840 and the spell/mastery is ticking for 1793 each tick, total heal this time is 10758. 10758 is about ~13,7 % of the initial heal. And once again if this was working correctly it should heal for 1307 (78440*0,1/6). This time it's healing for roughly ~1,37 times too much.

Conclusion is that the higher the heal is, the closer the mastery/spell gets to healing the correct amount.