View Full Version : Ban Appeal

06-30-2018, 12:51 AM
Character Name: I dont even know with which character I was banned .. but ill say one char : Noodlesz

Realm: Destiny

Reason for Ban : Asked a GM and he told me that i used the command .add

Anything you would like to add: Hi , First of all i didnt even knew that there was a bug to add items . Secoud i used this thing like 2 weeks ago i dont even remember and i was with friend at home and told him that im gonna add items but i was just lying him because i already had the item in my bag and just typed the name and i got him lel ...... I want you gyus to check all my donation history and check that i've donated for every item i have in this acc :) . I had a conversation with one of the admins a couple weeks ago because one guy added me items and I made a ticket for that so I dont think that i am responsible for that because I showed the items and the admin checked my donation history and told me everything is alright . I dont want to add any items in my account , i have everything i need . I've donated more than 100$ for all my stuff and I want to play with it . Check my account donation history . I respect all you and I trust all the staff , I DONATE for the server because i like it and im not gonna risk my account for just 1 item ...

Anything else : Yes , best regards to all the staff and I hope everything will be alright :)

06-30-2018, 01:08 AM
PS : I have to say that im not gonna use that command anymore , i didnt knew that it is a problem .