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3s solo issues
04-14-2019, 04:24 AM
Well, i don't know if these bugs have been reported on forums before but i'm sure they happened to everybody.

1st bug: Let's say for example, you have a team wth 1600 team rating and 1500 personal. For some unknown reason after you win or lose a random game, your team rating(only) drops to 500 or 0 and not just one time, happened to me 3 times in the same team.

2nd bug: That bug happened to my friends today.
''Player1'' had a team with like 200 games played and ''player2'' just created a new team.
They qued 3s solo and they were enemies. After the game finished, ''player2'' had ''player's1'' team with the 500 games and ''player1'' had ''player's2'' team with 0 games. It's like he stole his team.

Please find a way to fix these bugs...