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Crusial / Holyzarukie
02-03-2011, 07:32 PM
Hi, There I`m Zak I live in Serbia I was a Active Player on MMOPro but i decided to Start again So i won`t tell you people who i am :) Well i guess i`ll tell you something about my self xD Well My Hoby is Playing Football and Call of duty 5 with my Friends and 50% of my time i play WoW I Love Spending time with my Friends And I really really Like Girls O.o i mean i had like 10 GFs And i got 15 Years hmmm My Life is like Evryday Another Start another Girl :D. You will see Me In-game My Char is Lolypopz-My Pally and Lolypop My Rogue :) Well Nice Meeting you even if i know you all Lol :D

02-04-2011, 05:04 AM
Aw lots of cute little faces in there.
Welcome to the new forums Zak, have fun!

Crusial / Holyzarukie
02-04-2011, 05:09 AM
Cute Faces > :D :) :( :o < haha

02-04-2011, 06:13 AM
Welcome to WoWMortal! :D