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    Thread: Zerloryd

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      Character Name: Zerlordy
      Realm: Destiny
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: Houli.
      Reason for being Unbanned: Somedays i lay alone in my room and stare at the celling lost in my own thoughs.How easy would life be if I was never banned on wowmortal? What if I just didnít insult other players that one time I get triggered? Now I awake every morning in a state of crippling depression and force a smile on my face to please others.is this how my life will be until the end it?
      Iím not a monster going to eat the server or crash it or do things like that,you guys can keep an eye on me for as long as you like, everyone trusts me, everyone will trust me, just after a few days you will be likeĒOh, houli quited being toxic,hes like a normal good player,now playing legit and showing respect to everyone else on hereĒ. But you guys donít understand this,I may have hacked and made a lot of problems in the past, But yeah people always make mistakes in their lives,atleast everyone has made a mistake,this is like getting coffesion in the curch,itís like telling the priest about the mistakes that Iíve made in the past.
      I have spent around 30-40 minutes making this appeal for you and making sure everythings correct. I'm sure this one shouldn't be denied, even though most truthfull ban appeals are, But I swear down my life it wont happen again Please don't deny this, I will be very sad if you do deny this efforty appeal i would never use hacks or insults again in my life, From now on I'm going to report every hacker I meet in wowmortal but because of my stupidity of doing that mistake I feel so lonely now. It would be alot of time consuming to keep recording hackers but its totally worth it from now. I would never hack again on wowmortal, I almost died of shock when they told me that Iím in the blacklist again on wowmortal. So now I feel so lonely, I miss my friends on wowmortal because of my idiotic behaviour.
      But yeah, Please think about this, I love wowmortal , It is a perfect server for me to play on and enjoy myself having fun with the other fellow players playing on this server aswell. I always bring my friends here to do 2v2's for fun with them. I would love to be unbanned on this great server for one other reason, I'm missing my friends there and I think its a great place to train and practice pvping.
      I really need another chance, I really do to be honest with you, I deserve another chance with an unban, Well I kind of deserve it because I am being honest here, What I done was very wrong of me, I know what I am doing from now on in the future, I have a brain, I will use my brain this time, instead of being a no brain kid using hacks, Using a brain is the key to life. You wouldn't get a job if you couldn't use your brain properly, you wouldn't be able to really do anything to be honest without using your brain the right way, but what I just did that time was heart breaking, and not only for you, but for me aswell, that would be great. I would be very satisfied if you could do this for me. You should trust me and if you want you can keep an eye on me, I had so much fun here I decided to spend a huge amount of time training and practicing pvp against other fellow players.
      Be sure to read all of this, at least think about it. I understand what I have done wrong and it won't happen again, you can always watch me while I'm playing if you want, its up to you.
      Well, End of my appeal, But always remember this staff members, "If you catch me doing something again on wowmortal that makes you heartbroken, and other players too, Be sure to Ban me forever without no chance of appealing." I will learn from this mistake, From now on, I will record all the hackers, post on youtube, and report directly here to keep this community nice and safe without anymore hackers (Includes me for that stupid behaviour I done, but I swear it won't happen again,) I am not fooling around, I'm serious, I learn from every mistakes, bad or good.
      Anything you would like to add: Nothing else to say.

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      Points: 3,460, Level: 6
      Level completed: 83%, Points required for next Level: 190
      Overall activity: 99.1%
      1 year registered1000 Experience PointsTagger First ClassSocialCreated Album pictures
      is floating on the waves
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      Ban appeal: denied

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