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    Thread: zdaad

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      Character name: Zerloryd
      Reason for unban:Somedays i lay alone in my room and stare at the celling lost in my own thoughs.How easy would life be if I was never banned on wowmortal? What if I just didn’t insult other players that one time I get triggered? Now I awake every morning in a state of crippling depression and force a smile on my face to please others.is this how my life will be until the end it? Somedays i didn't want to to wake up. i'm having a much better time asleep.And it's really sad,it was almost like reverse nightmare,it's like when you wake up from a nightmare you're so relieved,i woke up into the nightmare,i really miss the old me,the bright me,the smilling me ,the laughing me,the gone me,.<br></span></font>I know that i have a lot of negative emotions,i didn't take  responsibillity for the way i feel.but the people around me are the ones making me feel this way toward people. none likes me anymore,i used to be the perfect person in 2012,2013 and 2014.I've been treated poorly throughout their lives,this is because i've been abused throughout my childhood,that's why i'm hard to the outside world,that's why i'm trying to become a bully so i can hide this side of my life.i used to see no reason to apology and to change my attitude,i was seeing the situation with my point of view,i never thought about thinking what other players feel about my attitude but now i realise that i have to consider the fellings of others.<br>i extend my sincerest apologies for the bad experience you had with me, i'm really trying my best to become a new person,i really want to avoid being toxic toward gms, event masters or players.<br>I'm really gratful that you brought me this issue to my attention and i'm so sorry and asking for forgiveness,I loved the leasson that i've learned from this mistake. i really hope to get a new chance, i know that you guys gave me over 300 chance to play on this server but i was careless,but now i really want to get my account back,i've spent over a 200 hours played on it, also i donated over 200$ and voted over 6000.
      Anything you would like to say:reformed 100%
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