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      New ban appeal new me new reformed
      Points: 40, Level: 1
      Level completed: 80%, Points required for next Level: 10
      Overall activity: 71.0%
      Tagger Second Class
      This user has no status.
      I am:

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      New ban appeal new me new reformed

      Character Name: Zerloryd
      Realm: Destiny
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: Houli.
      Reason for being Unbanned: Sometimes i close my eyes in front of my pc and imagine that i'm new person and reformed player,that i'm really good person and not a toxic scumbag, i wish that this would've been reality but everyone makes mistakes in their lifes but the good thing is that i'm trying to get out of this negative emotions,now i'm trying to help other players to reform their attitude and to change their minds about the situations happening to wm and giving them some hope to keep playing in this great server that served me the most beautiful server,i swear i will treat everyone with the respect they deserve, i grew up and now i understand how to treat everyone,like chimp always say we need to treat people like we want us to be treated,after all this time i've been perm banned and isp banned i've learned my leasson and i'm ready to show to all of you that i'm reformed and a new better person, i will help this server and my friends in it,i'm finnaly a normale person without being toxic i hope i get another chance to become a wowmortal player once again.
      Anything you would like to add: Respect to gms family and to marm's family

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      New ban appeal new me new reformed
      Points: 4,977, Level: 8
      Level completed: 2%, Points required for next Level: 1,473
      Overall activity: 99.7%
      OverdriveSocial1000 Experience PointsRecommendation Second ClassTagger First Class3 months registered
      This user has no status.
      I am:

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      Ban appeal denied.

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