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      Ban Appeal - Come back
      Points: 35, Level: 1
      Level completed: 70%, Points required for next Level: 15
      Overall activity: 99.0%
      Tagger Second Class
      is Feeling the vibe
      I am:

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      Ban Appeal - Come back

      Name: Vampiric / Satop
      Realm: Destiny 4.3.4
      Reason for being banned [Check account panel]: Excesive Toxicity & Personnal threats
      Reason for being unbanned: There are no reason to be unbanned, I could understand that, and I'm sincerely sorry for what I did, and even if this Ban Appeal don't get accepted, then I'm apologizing to the guy I've threaten, I didn't meant to be rude or anything like that, I got mad after getting banned on my other account so I insulted the guy that banned me and there was my mistake (Which I regret), I'm a terrible human being sometimes but I can be respectful & even make friends, If you ever accept this Ban appeal then I'll be an example for the whole WoWMortal comunity to prove that even the worse persons can change. I truly hope you will find a way to forgive me, not only to unban me, but to forgive me, Because my actions were stupid & uncounsciensly said, I was totally aware that I'd get a Ban if I insulted people like that , but I constantly did it. Once again, Sorry.
      Anything you'd like to add: If there is anything I can help with, then I'd gladly to it, I'm voting daily, I already donated on many accounts & reported few bugs (That doesn't forgive all my behavior and bad actions but even tho, I'd like to point it out). I'm really in love with wowmortal and it's players, that's not a simple server, we make friends and that becomes your "new family" kinda, especially for someone as sensitive as me (That's my personnal feelings tho).

      Best regards,
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      Ban Appeal - Come back
      Points: 4,952, Level: 8
      Level completed: 1%, Points required for next Level: 1,498
      Overall activity: 98.0%
      OverdriveSocial1000 Experience PointsRecommendation Second ClassTagger First Class3 months registered
      This user has no status.
      I am:

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      Apology accepted.
      Ban appeal denied.

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