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    Thread: IP Ban Appeal

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      IP Ban Appeal
      Points: 390, Level: 2
      Level completed: 80%, Points required for next Level: 60
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      Cool IP Ban Appeal

      Character name: vivaldii
      Realm: Destiny (insta 85)
      Reason for Ban: GM insult
      Reason for Unban: I was very stupid in my judgment and should've stopped at the 1 hour mute

      Plea: To whom this may concern,
      I have taken a long break from WoW, about 5-6 months, I was IP banned from wow mortal for gm insult, ok so on my 1 character i was being stupid on global chat (but not toxic) and got insta mute for 1 hour and every one said why did he get muted for nothing? so i made another char and insulted the gm :/, like i said ive had a long break to think about my actions and im not really a toxic players and stay away from mortal chats, i like the players the gms and the server
      i think the gm was having a bad day that day because an ip ban is a little harsh if u ask me, but anyways, I'm a casual player 1-2 times of playing a week, i would really really like to be able to play this server and i want to finally get donation weapons hehe so to any GM, I deeply apologize for any damage cause, this server is awsome and if you guys give me once last chance i would be forever grateful and make sure not to cause a problem ever again.

      Thank you for your time.

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      IP Ban Appeal
      Points: 2,681, Level: 6
      Level completed: 12%, Points required for next Level: 969
      Overall activity: 99.0%
      1 year registered1000 Experience PointsTagger First ClassSocialCreated Album pictures
      is floating on the waves
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      Ban appeal: denied

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