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      you say us that we are wintrader? how is it possible when i played all my games vs ppl

      you saying we are toxic? never been toxic to some1 (only abusers)

      the 1 team we was dodging was a fking dk that put 88K in arena and u call us wintrader??

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      Quote Originally Posted by Nichole View Post
      Is this team wintrading or something?

      Can we please have someone investigate this? They are now being super disrespectful to others when i've only seen them queue vs their friends and people who have been in the roster previously. They seem to dodge when anyone else queues. I find them to be highly suspicious, and it would be unsettling to see such toxic players get rank illegitimately.
      This is the exact quote by Nichole. They thought you were suspicious in a way and therefore made a report to ask a Gamemaster to look into it which I’m going to assume Cascaval had done. If he felt you and your team were wintrading the team would’ve been closed and your accounts would’ve been suspended for a short period of time yet that doesn’t seem to have happened unless I missed it. The player went off from what they saw happening and that is fine.

      If you wanted to have a reply or make a comment like this I would’ve said PM a Gamemaster instead.
      Last edited by Sorrow; 01-22-2018 at 09:05 PM.

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