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      HowTO: Level & Gear In Legion (WM) PT1
      Points: 10,034, Level: 10
      Level completed: 99%, Points required for next Level: 16
      Overall activity: 99.2%
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      is Guess it
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      HowTO: Level & Gear In Legion (WM) PT1

      I'll Make it on 2 Parts, 1:Horde, 2:Alliance (it doesn't rly matter but you save some time of do it Horde and Alliance)
      Step1: Stay Afk for 1H for the 100 Gold you get 1h reward time or ask somebody to borrow you some Gold

      Step 2: Learn to fly from the Major City (it costs 10G) WoWScrnShot_060917_131906.jpg

      Step 3: for this Step you will need this 100G+ for 110 weapons from Order Hall (you don't have to get the weapons from you'r class order hall you can get them from another one which sells the same items E.X 2h=pala and warrior are same staff=mage priest warlock druid ETC)
      where they can be Found: Starting with Warriors, Dks,Paladins, Melee Hunters: http://imgur.com/a/olanG
      Casters: Mages , Warlocks, Druids every Casters: http://imgur.com/a/l9O6t (the location is the same as the paladin portal)
      Rogues or Dagger user: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jspo...ature=youtu.be
      now you are ready to start Leveling
      Step 1: Ragefire Chasm 1 or 2 full runs should be enough for lvl 20+ (1-20)
      Location: http://imgur.com/a/xBynA

      Step 2: IF you are melee you have to go at Stockade and do 1 run for lvl 30+ then move to Zul'Farrak and if you are Casters you can just move to Zul'Farrak instantly (Tip Gahz'rilla doesn't work and clear every single Mob in there)
      Locations: http://imgur.com/a/jfMmt

      Step 3: after 1-2 runs you should be 50+ and you have to get 4 easy instant completable quests from Gadgetzan for few easy lvl ups
      : http://imgur.com/a/TyQ19

      Step 4: by now you have to be at least 55+ so the next Location Is Outlands Tip how to get there since the portal is bugged you have to get in Pandaria by the portal in Orgrimmar in Valley of Honor>go inside the house choice the right path and there is portal to Shattrath then fly to Hellfire Peninsula and goto Hellfire Citadel and farm Hellfire Ramparts few times (it's harder if you are melee) on lvl 65+ you can do the arena in Nagrand
      Location: http://imgur.com/a/GFCZI
      Step 5:For this Step you need to be 67 and move to Nagrand Tip Ship is not working so don't wait for it so go in Pandaria follow the same path to portals and find Dalaran Portal then Move to Nexus until lvl 75 , goto Dalaran in sewers for the quest in Zul'Frak Arena if you are not lvl 78 by now farm Zul'Frak ( there won't be link cause its pretty popular places but if you don't know where is it just ask on Forums)
      Step 6: its very easy just do 1-2 times Blackrock Caverns until you get lvl 84 and do the Twilight Highlands Arena (again no link cause are known places)
      Step 7: the boring part comes now: we skip Pandaria and go all the way to Draenor and the mob farm comes you have to farm mobs untill lvl 94 after that goto Talador and do few quests and some mob killing and last goto Nagrand Arena (Draenor) for instant 2-3 lvls
      Mobs you better Farm: http://imgur.com/a/vFCXC
      Final Step: you need to be lvl 100 you have to go in Dalaran (Legion) and do all instant completable quests from all Profession Trainers after this you will be around lvl 105-6 next go to your Class Hall do all other quests after all this you will be minimum lvl 109 search for other quests In Dalaran you can complete and GZ you are 110 goto
      Gearing: Get whatever you can from clas hall and find your Artifact Weapon (it may not be in your class hall check in YouTube for the last stage of your weapon Quest chain you can simply skip all of them and get to last stage) Following you need to set on Normal the Dungeon Difficulty goto Azhuna find the Dungeon Eye of Azhara and farm mobs (better solo pull) for some offset 790+ gear or you can ask some other Horde Players to carry you up in Mythic Dungeons for 820+

      Recommending Class at lvl 110: Fury Warrior / Prot/Holy Paladin / Demon Hunter / Resto Druid / Destro Lock / Shadow Priest
      Recommending Class for lvling: Balance Druid / Arms Warrior / Ret Pally / Affi Lock / Ench Shaman / Surv Hunter / Shadow Priest / Sub Rogue /
      Good Luck with Leveling
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      HowTO: Level & Gear In Legion (WM) PT1
      Points: 8,086, Level: 9
      Level completed: 97%, Points required for next Level: 64
      Overall activity: 0%
      SocialVeteran5000 Experience PointsRecommendation First ClassTagger Second Class
      is :)
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      Cleansed thread of unnecessary comments. Nice guide, keep up the good work!

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      HowTO: Level & Gear In Legion (WM) PT1
      Points: 207, Level: 2
      Level completed: 19%, Points required for next Level: 243
      Overall activity: 38.0%
      Tagger Second Class7 days registered100 Experience Points
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      Quote Originally Posted by Dangar View Post
      Cleansed thread of unnecessary comments. Nice guide, keep up the good work!
      Thank you for deleting my comment, ill write it again.
      This is the best guide i have ever seen. It's rly helpful!

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      HowTO: Level & Gear In Legion (WM) PT1
      Points: 4,591, Level: 7
      Level completed: 73%, Points required for next Level: 359
      Overall activity: 13.0%
      Social1000 Experience PointsCreated Album picturesTagger First ClassOverdriveVeteranRecommendation First Class
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      I personally don't play or like legion because leveling makes me want to kms but I guess this is nice for those who do play it

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