We are searching for EventMasters that will help us with in-game events like 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Hide and Seek etc
As an EventMaster you're main responsability in-game is to host Events!
This ofcourse has its pro's and cons and we need you to consider those before applying for this position.

Before you apply please consider this:
- This is a voluntary position
- You will NOT get access to any database or anything
- You will NOT get the ability to create or add items
- You will NOT be able to help your friends
- You are expected to be active and responsible
- You will not get promoted to another GM rank so don't ask for promotion, the GM rank for this position is 2.

If you have the wrong expectations about any of the lines mentioned above then you might not be the person we are looking for.

What are we looking for:
- Friendly players that love to manage events for players
- A Serious, friendly, helpful person but strict when needed
- A good speaker of the English language
- Preferred (but not required) also speaking other language than English
- Atleast 18 years old
- Knowledge with how WoW Cataclysm 4.3.4 works
- Knowledge with how WoWMortal works
- The ability to work in team but also independent
- The ability to make difficult decisions by measuring both options carefully
- Takes enjoyment out of making everything run smooth
- Can stay objective and not personal
- No experience required
- Someone that wants to get to the bottom of everything

If you are interested in this position please apply HERE.

NOTE: because Event Master is a rank 2 GM account, the only requirements are the ones above. This means that most players can apply for Event Master positions, things like ban history or forum post count do not matter.