first thank you for having a real with / till Legion content! But, are you serious? The whole content (from classic to end the of WoD) is bugged as hell - at least the open world explore/ questing part. If I say that about 30-40% is working I think that even this is exaggerated. Really? It's a pity to see the realm in such a bad state. But maybe this is why I've seen only four or five players that far. I just hit level 100 and WoD is nearly unplayable (and I'm talking of a starting area - I don't know if I try another one or go direct to the legion part).
If you say that this is ok, the dungeons and raids are working fine, well, please consider that maybe players would like to have some fitting equip for that, which you usually get by questing, otherwise, if dungeons and raids are your focus, maybe one should start with level 105/ 110 with fitting gear after character creation...because getting gear now by doing quests really sucks.
Another thing I don't understand is: it seems that you have a really good working Cata-Realm (Destiny) - at least I was told so - if this is the case I just wonder, why the content from classic till cata (including) is so bugged. Or do you use different cores/ databases on the realms? What are your future plans with legion? Will it get some support? Do you start all over again (maybe this would be best .oO )? The realm itself looks "dead" to me...nearly no players, the state itself is a mess - sorry - if you don't believe it, create a char and start leveling. And I don't know if some patches are enough to get a better and nearly bugfree content.

regards and hoping that something will change,

P.S.: during my leveling I thought of reporting bugs...but there are so many...you wouldn't come to play...