I was bored and i did a lookup in ban appeals category of destiny 4.3.4.Why do staff holding some bad type of energy against players after they actually saying at least that they regret for what they did, it's incredible you could give alot chances to people here not one not three alot chances.People here got banned for ridiculus reasons and u keep them banned after even if they actually bielive that they regreted for what they did as a result half server of wowmortal turning out as a toxic/troller is what i understand.Is it some deep puporse behind this?why dont we chill i don't understand if i had this server i would ban people too but not for ridiculus reason and hunting their ip and perma ban them for a century like for example if u were chill as a staff team this server would be grow up so good if u didnt ban childs cause theyre trash talking in a game like private server wow...its ur rules i was just wondering