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      WoWMortal In-Game Rules!
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      WoWMortal In-Game Rules!

      WoW Mortal In-Game Rules:

      Mutable offenses:

      • Flaming.
      • Usage of colored text on global chat.
      • Being racist over chat/yell.
      • Spamming (possibly bannable).
      • Disrespecting staff members and/or their decisions. If a staff member's punishment is unjust, please formally report it on the forums or to another staff member privately and it will be resolved.
      • Asking/begging staff members for free stuff even after being instructed not to.
      • Asking/begging staff members to fix bugs.
      • Using any other language than English in world/mortal channel after being instructed to stop by a staff member. WoWMortal is an English spoken server, no other language should be used in general chat channels.
      • Discussing politics or any political relations on global.
      • Any jokes based on parents or relatives.

      Bannable offenses:

      • Abusing bugs and glitches.
      • Lying to staff members (or withholding the truth), particularly about rule breaking situations.
      • Gambling / Selling / Trading / Giving away account(s).
      • Scamming (luring included) / ninja looting. If proof is provided, you risk being punished. (Items may be restored depending on situation).
      • Lying or faking evidence for personal gain when reporting to staff members.
      • Threatening to DDoS the server or players/staff on the server.
      • Hacking / stealing accounts.
      • Honor farming / Arena win trading / PvP Token Farming or attempts at doing so.
      • Exposing any private information of other players/staff without their consent.
      • Repeating mutable offenses multiple times.
      • Staff member impersonation.
      • Inappropriate character names.
      • Being in places that your not supposed to be without permission. (Like GM island and more).
      • Advertising on any other Private World of Warcraft Server(s), P0rnographic material, Hacks (cheat mods) or any potentially harmful application/software.
      • Inappropriate behavior, swearing in public and private chat channels. This includes spamming, such as: messages which make no sense, the same message over and over again, anal jokes, coloring text, typing in all capital letters, or any other messages which may disrupt other players experience on WoWMortal.
      • Healing and Tank specializations in 1v1 Arena.
      • Any interruption of events that are hosted by Game Masters.
      • Cross-faction pvp healing in zones where you only can attack the opposing faction.
      • Trying to avoid bans(EX: You broke a rule, you name change just before you will receive a punishment).
      • Disrespecting Administrators or Executives using strong language.
      • Withholding information from staff.
      • Abusing Duel Cooldowns, by using excessive spells.

      Account Sharing
      - It is not forbidden for friends, associates or family to play on accounts that were not created by them under the condition that no rule-breaking's from the list above have been committed as a result of account sharing between X and Y.
      It is to the staffs discretion when faced with an Account Sharing report to; ban, suspend, allow or caution the users involved with guidance from active Administration.

      - These rules can't include every specific offence, so use common sense when doing something that you think may be against the rules. If you don't understand any of the following rules, personal message any member of Staff to help get a better understanding. Here is a list with the Staff Members: WoWMortal Staff List
      - Many in-game rules may apply to the Forums and to the Forum Shoutbox as well.
      - There isn't such a thing as "I didn't know" once the thread has been made, there will be
      - Special note for Rule No. 6 regarding account sharing: You are not able to invoke this reason in your ban appeals. If a player gets banned for a reason like Hacking or such, you might get banned too if you will be found having the same ip.
      No Excuses.
      - The Rules can be updated any time! The Updated rules will be in THIS COLOR.

      WoWMortal Staff Team.
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      WoWMortal In-Game Rules!
      Points: 17,535, Level: 14
      Level completed: 22%, Points required for next Level: 2,115
      Overall activity: 99.5%
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      Updated account sharing information.

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