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      Post [YouTube] PvP Channel (Comunity Channel).

      Greetings, today I am here to talk about our new Channel (on YouTube), we made it to show some PvP Actions, to be honest, everyone can join the channel, you just have to send me a private message on forum, with a lot of things (IG Name, Class, Exp(s) with proofs...).

      I will upload the videos, host the channel while my friend NVSTY will edit the videos to make it even better!

      To join the channel; you can send me a P.M (Private message) on forum, or to NVSTY, it doesn't really matter since he will ask me.

      Okay, so let's start !
      My name is
      Koris, I started to play WoW in 2007 (On retail), I left three years later to join some private servers, also , It's my first YouTube Channel, so I really hope, It will be good !
      I'm playing Resto Shaman, Warrior, Druid, Rogue, Paladin, DK, Hunt, Priest, Lock, Mage. (I'm a multi-classer).

      My name is
      NVSTY, I started to play WoW one year before Koris, (In 2006), also, I'm practicing on After-Effect / PhotoShop / Vegas since three maybe four years, I'm trying to learn a lot to progress, I'm actually playing Ret Paladin, Priest, Mage, Resto Shaman, I can maybe play Warrior aswell !

      We made that channel to meet new people, and prove that private server players can be good as retail players (Example: Hydra, Khuna, Xandyn, Homerjay, Kamiky and some other famous guys were from Private servers...).

      To join us, read "Intro".

      Q1: Why on WoW-Mortal?
      A1:We will make some videos on other private servers / retail.

      Q2: How to join you?
      A1: As I said before (in Intro), you just have to send a P.M (Private message) to me (Koris) or to NVSTY with some informations (IG name(s), Class(es), EXP's (With proofs) and some other informations).

      Q3: Why do you want to make a YouTube Channel?
      A3: I told before that we want to meet new people with a same passion (WoW), and "For Fun!".

      Q4: How to leave ?
      A4: If you want to leave, you will just have to send us a P.M (Private message) with a reason if possible.

      Q5: Can I edit?
      A5: If you're good enough at editing you can join NVSTY and edit the clips with him!

      Q6: Any reward?
      A6: This will be really hard, but if we can get something from YouTube or "Sponsor", we would just share it with Channel members.

      Q7: Website / Forum ?
      A7: Maybe we will make website or a Forum, we will see in future... !

      Thank you for reading, and I hope you'll join!

      Extra-Info: Channel isn't "Public" yet, since we're working on it, but I will add a link as soon as I can !

      Last edited by Koris; 10-25-2016 at 07:02 PM. Reason: Add Extra-Info.

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