In order to keep guidelines clear, and provide an ever more respectful, reasonable and healthy discussion ground, I would like to staff up our moderation team.

Responsibilities as a Forum Moderator:
- Watch over discussions and act, should one violate the Terms of Service
- Issue warning and infractions should it be necessary
- Close, merge, move and redirect threads when need be, to help keeping the forums clear
- Provide answers to some of the most basic questions
- Help members to formulate their questions in a way that is understandable and clear to everyone
- Help identifying threads and issues that would require the WoWMortal Manager's attention
- Provide feedback and ideas on how to improve and adapt the forums’ structure
And more…

Qualities of a good Forum Moderator:
- Be patient, helpful, and always act in an educating spirit, rather than a sanctioning one
- Be objective and know when to make the difference between his or her opinion as a player, and as a member of the community team
- Provide a regular presence on the forums, and commit to reading the forums every day
- Desire to help the community, and get involved in the daily life of WM, rather than expecting to get rewards and special treatments
- Good understanding of confidentiality, regarding his or her identity, players sanction as well as confidential information he or she may get access to
- Be at least 18 years old
- Have good written English skills
As a plus, be fluent in another language

As a Forum Moderator, you would:
- Receive a forum moderation account, with all the rights necessary to handle your responsibilities
- Have direct contact with WoWMortal Staff Manager
- Get access to early information such as upcoming events and special offers

Please note that Forum Moderator is a volunteer position and thus does not entitle you to any rewards, such as free subscription or ingame items.

Also note that Forum Moderators are not ingame moderators. Although the two responsibilities can be handled by the same person, you will not be asked to do ingame moderation.

If you think that you are the right person, please contact me in private message, explaining why you want to join the moderation team and why you would be an asset to this team.