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      SHORT Guide to kill Onyxia (100m HP)

      Guide to killing the NEW Onyxia

      What has changed:
      The current HP pool of Onyxia was increased from ~12.5 million to 100.0 million, thus becoming a more demanding boss.
      What I will BE covering:
      Short and easy to understand concepts and GENERAL knowledge to know before attempting this boss.
      What I will NOT BE covering:
      Explanation and how to manage micro such as self cooldowns or raid cooldowns.


      There are generally 2 optimal tanking spots for Onyxia:



      Firstly, what is [Tail Whip]?
      [Tail whip] is an ability cast by Onyxia, which knocks back everyone in a frontal cone (infront of the boss) and behind the boss. The only way to avoid this is to stand sideways to Onyxia where [Tail Whip] will not affect you.

      This position is also easy to get in and Onyxia will cast 2 spells before she starts moving after the pull, which should be quickly interrupted in order for the tank to get Onyxia into the tanking position.

      Further tips for tanks:
      Most of the time
      , you want to NEVER move the boss and make it so that nobody will get knocked by [Tail Whip]. The only time you should be moving is right after a [Tail Whip] to make sure one isn't going to be cast in the next couple seconds.

      Healing + DPS on Onxyia:

      Safe Zone:
      left.jpg right.jpg
      (click on image to view)

      When Onyxia is positioned this way, ALL healers and DPS have to make sure to stay in-between the yellow lines and only withing the green area. If everyone stands on this side of the boss, it is much easier for the healers to manage keeping the raid alive.

      Extra benefits of this strategy...

      Due to the positioning of the boss and everyone being stacked, when the whelps (small dragon babies) come they will always be close to the tank as well as in the entire raid. This makes them easy to kill with AoE with abilities such as [Swipe], [Howling Blast], [Bladestorm] or other AoE abilities.

      Two Things to do with whelps
      1. DPS can AoE down the whelps while the tank completely ignores the whelps ,
      2. The Tank can pick up the whelps without much danger and without much movement

      Some things to keep in mind...

      You always want to interrupt the END of Onyxia's cast

      You will want to avoid moving much and mostly staying in the safe zone as well as NOT moving under the boss

      Kick Order of most importance:
      (From most important to least important)
      [Fireball] (@ raid) > [Bellowing Roar] (AoE Fear) > [Fireball] (@ tank unless low hp) > [Flame Breath]

      Hope this helps

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