Forum Transmog Contest Rules!
Player's will choose one of their best equipped and transmogged character for this event and find a suitable background that they think would be fit their characters transmog the best.


1. Do NOT hack / use third party programs to reach your favorite and best looking places (if determined by the staff you WILL be disqualified and banned)
2. A player can only submit ONE screen shot so choose wisely !
3. If a Staff Member wants to participate in the event they will have to do so on their normal accounts
4. Do not reply hateful comments about other transmogs or else your reply will be deleted and you will not be able to participate (or you will be Disqualified)
5. Being banned in-game or on forums will result to your disqualification (If banned on alt accounts it will count!)
6. If found out that you've liked your own transmog on alt accounts you will be DQed

Players will have a chance to rate their personal favorite transmog submission for 3 days before the end of the event.

IF there are two or more players tied in votes for their submission the staff team will come to a final word of a staff member


1st Place -

In Love with a Flame Cat
First Place Event Rewards

2nd Place -

Second Place Event Rewards

3rd Place -

Third Place Event Rewards

Area to Submit Images: Submission Thread