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      Please last chance,i swear i won't do anything anymore.

      Character Name: any account you would like to unban.
      Realm: Destiny.
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: Being toxic towards the one and only god in this server.
      Reason for being Unbanned: Hello i'm really sorry being so toxic and brainwashed,I was doing alot of drugs in the past days and i really lost it,I couldn't hold myself and i ruined everything that i've been building for the last months,i really hope you can see the good things inside of me and decide to give me one last chance,i really didn't want this to happen but i wasn't in my mind while i was typing the things that i typed, i know that drugs are bad but i was sad and depressed and i didn't have any other choice,my uncle passed away and now i have to work to afford food since he was the one buying me everything,please give me another chance because this is the last thing that makes me smile everyday,I'm really disgusted by the things i told admin to do,and i'm really ashamed of myself,I know that you would think that i'm trolling but i'm really sorry and i want to apology to our lord kind and saviour admin.
      Anything you would like to add:Please don't do drugs guys it may ruin the best things you've built in life.

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      Appeal Denied.

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