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      Cascaval's Ban Appeal

      Character Name: Cascavval
      Realm: Dstiny
      Account name : carlarx3
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: Gaining/Abusing GM powers to gain rare items within game/send them to my player account/sell them to the public.
      Reason for being Unbanned: Heyo there, a third ban appeal, I know, I'd like to once again apologize for the actions I've taken in the time I was a GM and abused my powers, I did go into the Kharazan raid and killed the bosses over and over again to gain an HUGE boost in the WM economy, and yes, I did farm the Invisible items too, which are currently selling for a lot in WM.
      I'd like to apologize firstly to Admin, I apologize for my past responses to you and for bothering you and everything, I know from your perspective, I was unprepared, unexperienced, and wasted your time, I sincerely apologize for that.
      I'd like to apologize to Chimp for been the nuisance I was during our trip as partners, and for contantly whispering/inviting you pal to groups and such.
      I'd like to Apologize to Admin again for asking so many questions, and my deepest regret for asking the GM spells which led to my downfall, and to be hit by the ban.
      I'd also like to apologize to Vague/Marm, I know I trashtalked you a lot mate, and I sincerely apologize for everything, and I did use the .pinfo on you to make people view you as trash, I know, A mistake I regret deeply, I apologize for that mate, hope you're still playing with us 'till this day!
      Anything you would like to add: Thanks in advance for having me in the WM Staff team, for however it lasted, and again, BIG apologize to the entire WM Staff, to the oldest/newest members for dirtying the look and loosing so much trust provided by them, given to me, I sincerely apologize and wish to be given a second chance and redeem myself, I'd like to once more be that active priest everyone hated/loved in Duel Zone/Mall,

      ~Love, Cascaval.

      Last edited by DraiKens; 06-06-2019 at 04:22 AM.

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      Many items you took are now obsolete(currency) or easy to get(transmog items).
      Ban appeal accepted.

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