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      Giving up is what kill us - Benís Ban Appeal

      Name: Ilovelindsey (Ben and every accounts bound to that IP)
      Realm: Destiny 4.3.4
      Reason for being banned: Being a toxic element, abusing multiple times and forcing my way in even tho I was Blacklisted.
      Reason for being unbanned: Yes I am guilty, yes I deserve everything Iíve got till now and for sure I deserve more of a punishment, yet I believe Iíve changed for the best (somehow I feel like I can be a good player again and Iíll be able to lead the comunity to the best since I got a sharpened mind as my paste was full of misfortune and guilt, Iíd like to apologize and get a chance to come back once again, I know what Iíve done to you Admin and I aplogize to you personally because I know deep inside my heart, that youíre a good person and that I shouldíve tried to keep a friendly-like relation with u, so yes Im sorry!
      Anything youíd like to add: I barely play anymore and I lost my competitive senses at all so Iím not willing to cheat or be toxic anymore...
      Iíd be extremly thankful if youíd let me in by unbanning this one and only account aside with my IP.

      Thank you again, have a nice day.

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      BAn appeal denied.

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