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08-09-2016, 12:11 AM
I would like to tell you guys how Belguim goes in its way!

I will tell the good parts about Belguim and the bad parts about it!

Bad side:

Belguim currently has a lot of pressure since we are focusing on cleaning ISIS out of Molenbeek a province that lays in Brussels

Back then Salah Abdelslam was found.

Belguim is also currently in a bad state lots of shops are closing and Crisis is reaching out to Belguim which is very sad.

Climate changes every day. Or well its for 2-4 hours straight up hot and it can instantly change to rain for the whole day which isn't fun at all.

Good side:

Belguim has great food is currently one of the best places where you can eat and has good service that will help you out instantly.

The people are friendly and also will help you when needed. But there are also a lot of alcoholics ruining the fun but thats probably 1 to 30% of the population which is a lot in my part.

Belguim has made great history in the world.

Belguim puts a lot of effort in protecting people in their county doing their best to know that people are safe in Belguim of those terrorists that are currently here.


Belguim has 3 languages French,Dutch and German.

50% of the people are Dutch including me.
40% of the people are French also including me.
10% of the people are German excluding me.

The 2nd language that people learn is English alot of people from Belguim do speak fluent English.

Big cities

The current 3 Big cities in Belguim are Charleroi,Brussels and Antwerpen.

Charleroi and Brussels are both 2 at the french side of Belguim.

Antwerpen has lots of Dutch people.

Thats me presenting Belguim. I hope you guys learned something if not i'm happy you read it thank you!

08-09-2016, 12:45 AM
Leuk zo'n topic over onze buren! :D

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this is cool..thx hades

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Didnt even read just came here to post a comment :V

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Didnt even read just came here to post a comment :V
post farming at its finest

OT: cool and interesting stuff, easy to read and well written.

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Didnt even read just came here to post a comment :V

That's very kind of you.

Ot: Thanks Hades :)

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Was interesting/educative to read. Thank you for that.

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Thank you mate, i was just doing it for fun.

04-16-2017, 07:22 PM
Such a fantastic country to work in, Belgium people are really nice and friendly. If in the future I move to Europe Belgium would be probably my choice!