View Full Version : like a fire ball :P

10-24-2016, 08:36 PM
Class : Mage
Spell: Flame Orb
What should do: Lunches Flame Orb to Mage's Position dealing (amout) of Fire dmg every second and exploding for other (amout) at the end of duration
What Currently do: Lunches the Orb somewhere dealing very high dmg like twice and half more than it should, it does some 100-400 dmg extra from somewhere and it doesn't expload at the end of duration

Proof 1: https://vid.me/L5J5
Proof 2:https://vid.me/xK7r
Proof 3: http://imgur.com/edit?deletehash=z78wWkQskmMSO5s&album_id=ZtwqT
(if doesn't work check full photo http://imgur.com/a/ZtwqT)
Proof 4: http://imgur.com/a/6Q7zZ

Note: Both Frostfire Orb and Flame Orb should do same dmg with difference of 3-5% if you have the talent for it
also whole Fire Mage is bugged and almost all the spells ingnore resillince such as combustion that's why the dmg its so hard if you have the possibility to check if resillince is actually working fine pls do it