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02-03-2017, 11:22 AM
Implemented a new raid additions legion CITADEL NIGHTS http://en.wowhead.com/the-nighthold

For many years, the rules Elisanda people Suramar of the majestic Citadel night, erected over the source of strength nochnorozhdёnnyh - Night well.During the time that Elisanda held within the walls of the Citadel, a lot has changed, as she was - Elisanda became arrogant and haughty, the Grand Master has gradually turned into a tyrant, despising his own people. When the magical barrier approached the demons, led by Gul'dan, Elisanda not hesitate a long time - she admitted Suramar evil, and brought it a civil war. Society nochnorozhdёnnyh split, and they finally came to the outside world in an attempt to survive, waging war with Elisandoy and hiding from the eyes of the Burning Legion. Nochnorozhdёnnye soon we realized that no one opposed to the Legion and its allies. Now only the walls of the Citadel of the night separated nochnorozhdёnnyh and their allies from the victory over Elisandoy and the return of former greatness Suramar
Available the first 3 bosses to pass.

[Skorpyron] (http://en.wowhead.com/npc=102263) - Deep in the bowels of the Citadel Nights, under the surface of the sea, hidden by all the forgotten halls leading to the Well to the Night. In one of these halls inhabits a monstrous armored Scorpid. Skorpiron draws strength from the well and, together with hordes of his spawn is a major obstacle to such a seemingly tempting detours to the heart of the Citadel Nights.
[Chronomatic Anomaly] (http://en.wowhead.com/npc=104415) - tunnel at the bottom of the Well of the Night - a whirlpool of pure energy, which is formed when the earth gives its force feed a whole nation. From this chaotic flow originated hronomaticheskaya anomaly - the embodiment of the power Aman'Thul eyes. Energy Emissions from this anomaly distort the flow of time.
Trilliaks once faithfully served the noble nochnorozhdennym was subsequently thrown away and quietly lived out his life among other unnecessary golems. Though unwavering desire to perform their duties is still at it, the time has not spared its matrix of consciousness. He randomly switches between modes - by careful caretaker to manic disinfectant - and hopes to earn favor with his master, not realizing that it no longer exists.

Available loot all modes http: //en.wowhead.co...old#drops: mode = (http://en.wowhead.com/the-nighthold#drops:mode=)
Available landmark mode
It is recommended to have a disguise to enter Suramar


+ Eliminate the cause of the server falls 7
+ implemented Arathi Basin battleground match http://en.wowhead.com/arathi-basin
+ Added missing spells SPC 1300
+ Fixed a bug where the save some epochal dungeons were more than 100 days
+ Fixed a bug where some classes got quest spells Demon Hunters (deleted)
+ V (http://en.wowhead.com/currency=1191)alor will now fall by killing bosses. For additions to the bosses of the Legion 10 pieces, with the bosses of the Legion 30 pieces. Only in raids and dungeons
+ Now AFKshery battlegrounds will be automatically excluded from the battlefield
+ Fixed a bug where the battlefield could be worn flags in Travel Form
+ Fixed a bug where the battlefield could lose template specifications
+ Implements all types of spells, when it was possible to look through the eyes of your victim
+ Fixed a bug where the recovery time from DK runes were not going right
+ Fixed a bug where some of the world's Legion bosses always give the same loot
+ Fixed getting all spells Demon Hunters starting area
+ Rewritten loot in the world legion- bosses will now be guaranteed to give 3 things always
+ Added 300 new additions 7.1.5 quests.
+ Added gear about 100 SPC
+ Added text about 100 SPC

UPDATES spells, talents and similar
.. And more than 200 quests