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04-02-2017, 04:04 PM
[Legion X10 Realm] Server Updates 02.04.2017

The server set a fresh kernel upgrade and database version 4.9

In this update, our developers are focused on the correction of spells and talents of different classes, as well as a common gaming moments.

It has been implemented a new dungeon The Arcway (http://www.wowhead.com/the-arcway) and New Boss in The Night Hold (http://www.wowhead.com/the-nighthold) boss Elisande (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=110965/elisande)

New Dungeon : The Arway (http://www.wowhead.com/the-arcway)


Ivanyr (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=98203/ivanyr) - Cut off from the power of the Nightwell and cast into the dark expanse of the Arcway, Ivanyr wandered aimlessly, slowly withering away, until he came upon a trove in the foundations beneath the great library of Suramar. He spends his days feverishly working to decipher the tomes there, feeding off the power of relics in the achives in order to sustain himself. But even as that magic sustains his body, his mind cracks and weakens.

The Ivanyr encounter is a single-target fight with high movement requirements and an important interrupt duty.

Corstilax (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=98205/corstilax) - This massive construct patrols the tunnels beneath Suramar, searching for anomalies and correcting them. He has detected one such anomaly - a breach in one of the conduits that carries the power of the Nightwell - and works to repair it. But living outsiders wandering the tunnels are also an anomaly; one that Corstilax is empowered to ******.

The Corstilax encounter is a single-target fight with moderate movement requirements. Players can occasionally gain strong Haste buffs and may wish to align short-duration throughput cooldowns with them.

General Xakal (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=98206/general-xakal) - When Gul'dan threatened Suramar with destruction if Elisande did not comply with his demands, those were not idle words. A Legion invasion force has burrowed into the tunnels beneath the city, and Xakal leads those forces. He awaits further command, ready at a moment's notice to surge forth and bring death and destruction to the streets of Suramar.

The General Xakal encounter is a low-movement fight, primarily single-target, but with periodic spawns of Dread Felbats that must be quickly killed.

Nal'tira (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=98207/naltira) - This massive spider made its nest in the hollow beneath a great mana tree. Over the years, loose magical energies and runoff have warped the creature, imbuing Nal'tira with arcane energy that makes her perhaps the deadliest predator in the Arcway.

Advisor Vandros (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=98208/advisor-vandros) - Vandros is one of Elisande's closest advisors, and an adept at harnessing the arcane magic of the Nightwell, second only to Elisande herself. He would not ordinarily venture into the Arcway himself, but after monitoring the state of the nightfallen resistance and their allies, he now feels the need to take matters into his own hands.

New Boss : The Nighthold (http://www.wowhead.com/the-nighthold)

Elisande (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=110965/elisande) - Elisande once distinguished herself by resisting the Legion. She and her highborne followers broke away from Queen Azshara and the dark path she was taking, harnessing the power of the Eye of Aman'thul to create the Nightwell to protect Suramar from the Sundering. But over ten thousand years later, the Legion's arrival offered her no such recourse. She has cast her lot with the demons, hoping to once again use the power of the Nightwell - albeit this time in a very different sense - to save her people.

Main Fixes :
+ Fixed causes of server crash 7
+ Fixed critical bug when DotA were not cranked
+ Fixed critical bug when streaming spells were not critical
+ Fixed critical bug when healing spells were not critical
+ Fixed a critical bug when some spells while kicking hit not 2 times stronger, but less
+ Fixed critical bug when in raids it was impossible to pick up items on the force of the artifact
(In connection with the correction of this bug, the reward for the time in the game is reduced to 100 artifact forces in 30 minutes to stimulate BG and raids, gold to 100 gold)
+ Activation of specialization in pets of hunters is realized
+ Implemented a huge number of spells of accessories that were supposed to cause damage, but did not inflict them
+ Ban removal of The Nighthold on Vip accounts (the remaining raids and dungeons remain) (now always the TOP raid or dungeon can not be reset cd on account )
+ Added additional items to the drop from the Legion Supplement items (about 900 pieces)
+ Added additional items to the drop from the chests Legion supplement (about 500 pieces)
+ Added additional items in the removal of the skins of the legion supplement (about 1500 pieces)
+ Added additional items in the drop from NPC Legion additions (about 20,000 pieces) (mostly in thrash of various insts and raids)
+ Fixed bug when the legendary objects in the dungeons were given additional bonuses
+ Fixed a bug where some professions were only pumped to level 750
+ Fixed the issue of relics with bonuses in raids
+ The sale of artifacts is banned
+ Azhara added Population
+ Arathi highlands added Population
+ Internal land added Population
+ Twilight Highlands added Population


Fixed spell, talants and others :
Chaos Nova (http://wowhead.com/spell=179057#changelog) Rewriten
Chaos Blades (http://wowhead.com/spell=211797) Added
Chaos Blades (http://wowhead.com/spell=211048) Added
Tormented Souls (http://wowhead.com/spell=216695#triggered-by) Added
Chaos Cleave (http://wowhead.com/spell=206475) Added
Power of Goldrinn (http://wowhead.com/spell=202996) Fixed proc
Soul Leech (http://wowhead.com/spell=108370) Fixed bug , when dont work at all spec
Chaos Bolt (http://wowhead.com/spell=116858) Fixed permanent crit strike
Hot Streak (http://wowhead.com/spell=195283) Added
Chaos Bolt (http://wowhead.com/spell=116858#changelog) Rewriten for PVP
Soul Conduit (http://wowhead.com/spell=215941) Added
Agony (http://wowhead.com/spell=980) Fixed stacks to 10
Ghost Wolf (http://wowhead.com/spell=2645) Fixed energy back
Deadwind Harvester (http://wowhead.com/spell=216708) Fixed back to normal values
Phoenix's Flames (http://wowhead.com/spell=194466) Fixed
Sephuz's Secret (http://wowhead.com/spell=208051) Rewriten
Unstable Affliction (http://wowhead.com/spell=30108) Fixed formula
Frost Fever (http://wowhead.com/spell=55095) Added rune power
Incinerate (http://wowhead.com/spell=29722) Fixed
Frost Fever (http://wowhead.com/spell=55095) Fixed
Bastion of Light (http://wowhead.com/spell=204035) Added
Belo'vir's Final Stand (http://wowhead.com/spell=207283) Added effect
Belo'vir's Final Stand (http://wowhead.com/spell=207277) Fixed proc
Mastery: Executioner (http://wowhead.com/spell=76808) Rewriten
Starsurge (http://wowhead.com/spell=78674) Fixed target
Mastery: Elemental Overload (http://wowhead.com/spell=168534) Added
Hot Streak (http://wowhead.com/spell=195283) Fixed
Lava Burst (http://wowhead.com/spell=51505) Fixed formula
Fireball (http://wowhead.com/spell=133#changelog) Fixed formula
Fireball (http://wowhead.com/spell=133#changelog) Fixed PVP formula
Chain Lightning (http://wowhead.com/spell=188443#modified-by) Fixed
Mastery: Savant (http://wowhead.com/spell=190740) Rewriten
Mastery: Potent Afflictions (http://wowhead.com/spell=77215) Added
Chaos Bolt (http://wowhead.com/spell=116858) Fixed formula and rewriten for PVP
Mastery: Ignite (http://wowhead.com/spell=12846) Added
Mastery: Chaotic Energies (http://wowhead.com/spell=77220) Fixed
Blast Furnace (http://wowhead.com/spell=194522) Fixed
Rake (http://wowhead.com/spell=163505) Fixed target
Quickening (http://wowhead.com/spell=198923) Rewriten
Brutal Slash (http://wowhead.com/spell=202028) Rewriten for PVP
Blast Furnace (http://wowhead.com/spell=194487) Fixed proc
Predatory Swiftness (http://wowhead.com/spell=16974) Added
Pyretic Incantation (http://wowhead.com/spell=194331) Added
Windfury (http://wowhead.com/spell=33757#guides) Added
Cat Form (http://wowhead.com/spell=768) Added
Dash (http://wowhead.com/spell=1850) Added
Incarnation: Tree of Life (http://wowhead.com/spell=33891) Added
Chaos Strike (http://wowhead.com/spell=222031) Added
Furious Slash (http://wowhead.com/spell=100130) fixed buff Вкус крови (http://ru.wowhead.com/spell=206333)
Brutal Slash (http://wowhead.com/spell=202028) Fixed formula
Nature's Cure (http://wowhead.com/spell=88423) Fixed
Remove Corruption (http://wowhead.com/spell=2782) Fixed
Cleanse (http://wowhead.com/spell=4987) Fixed
Purify (http://wowhead.com/spell=527) Fixed
Ashamane's Energy (http://wowhead.com/spell=210579) Added
Bloodtalons (http://wowhead.com/spell=155672) Added
Open Wounds (http://wowhead.com/spell=210666) Added
Shadow Thrash (http://wowhead.com/spell=210686#see-also-other) Added effect
Shadow Thrash (http://wowhead.com/spell=210676) Added
Dinner Bell (http://wowhead.com/spell=230101#see-also-other) Added
Chatoyant Signet (http://wowhead.com/spell=207523) Added
Drogbar-Style Salmon (http://wowhead.com/item=133569) Added
Solar Collapse (http://wowhead.com/spell=225134) Added
Colossal Slam (http://wowhead.com/spell=232044) Added
Goldrinn's Fang (http://wowhead.com/spell=203001) Fixed target
Chain Lightning (http://wowhead.com/spell=421) Fixed formula
Dragon's Breath (http://wowhead.com/spell=31661) Fixed Formula
Fire Blast (http://wowhead.com/spell=108853) Fixed formula
Doom Winds (http://wowhead.com/spell=204945) Added
Elemental Blast (http://wowhead.com/spell=117014) Fixed formula
Mind Blast (http://wowhead.com/spell=8092) Fixed formula
Elemental Blast (http://wowhead.com/spell=117014) Fixed formula
Earth Shock (http://wowhead.com/spell=8042) Fixed formula
Incinerate (http://wowhead.com/spell=29722) Fixed formula
Bonestorm (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=196528/bonestorm) Fixed formula
Rising Sun Kick (http://wowhead.com/spell=185099) Fixed formula
Supernova (http://wowhead.com/spell=157980) Fixed formula
Sigil of Flame (http://wowhead.com/spell=204598) Fixed formula
Smite (http://wowhead.com/spell=585) Fixed formula
Power Word: Solace (http://wowhead.com/spell=129250) Fixed formula
Servant of the Queen (http://wowhead.com/spell=207357) Fixed formula
Festering Wound (http://wowhead.com/spell=194311) Fixed formula
Howling Blast (http://wowhead.com/spell=49184) Fixed formula
Control Undead (http://wowhead.com/spell=111673) Fixed target
Avalanche (http://wowhead.com/spell=207142) Added
Madness or Brilliance (http://wowhead.com/spell=196920) Improved energy
Runic Longevity (http://wowhead.com/spell=194653) Improved energy
Runic Tattoos (http://wowhead.com/spell=191592) Improved energy
Contained Fury (http://wowhead.com/spell=201454) Improved energy
Inner Peace (http://wowhead.com/spell=195243) Improved energy
Unending Rage (http://wowhead.com/spell=209459) Improved energy
Intolerance (http://wowhead.com/spell=203227) Improved energy
Mark of Altruis (http://wowhead.com/spell=179079) Improved energy
Rattlegore Bone Legplates (http://wowhead.com/spell=216140) Improved energy
Elemental Attunement (http://wowhead.com/spell=204385) Improved energy
Ossuary (http://wowhead.com/spell=219786) Improved energy
Moment of Clarity (http://wowhead.com/spell=236068) Improved energy
Kindred Spirits (http://wowhead.com/spell=56315) Improved energy
Runic Tattoos (http://wowhead.com/spell=191594) Improved energy
Runic Tattoos (http://wowhead.com/spell=191593) Improved energy
Veteran of the Third War (http://wowhead.com/spell=48263) Improved energy
Runic Tattoos (http://wowhead.com/spell=224468) Improved energy
Stance of the Fierce Tiger (http://wowhead.com/spell=103985) Improved energy
Incarnation: King of the Jungle (http://wowhead.com/spell=102543) Improved energy
Berserk (http://wowhead.com/spell=106951) Improved energy
Anticipation (http://wowhead.com/spell=114015) Improved energy


Fixed dungeons, NPC , game object and others:

New Dungeon The Arcway (http://www.wowhead.com/the-arcway) - all bosses, trash , loot and spells
Elisande (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=110965/elisande) - full script , trash and loot

Scavenged Cloth (http://wowhead.com/item=140220#contains) Added loot
Bloodhunter's Quarry (http://wowhead.com/item=140227#contains) Added loot
Olisarra the Kind (http://wowhead.com/npc=93529) Now can teach
Veridis Fallon (http://wowhead.com/npc=107376) Fixed
Drix Blackwrench (http://wowhead.com/npc=32641) Fixed
Marcia Chase (http://wowhead.com/npc=95844) Fixed
Smith Slagtree (http://wowhead.com/npc=14737) Fixed
Eliza Darkgrin (http://wowhead.com/npc=42622) Fixed
Patricia Egan (http://wowhead.com/npc=92457) Fixed
Dariness the Learned (http://wowhead.com/npc=93538) Fixed
Misensi (http://wowhead.com/npc=93537) Fixed
First Arcanist Thalyssra (http://wowhead.com/npc=97140) Fixed
Vinemaster Suntouched (http://wowhead.com/npc=16442) Fixed
Sathren Azuredawn (http://wowhead.com/npc=16191) Fixed
Magistrix Nizara (http://wowhead.com/npc=50484) Fixed
Winaestra (http://wowhead.com/npc=16264) Fixed
Halis Dawnstrider (http://wowhead.com/npc=16444) Fixed
Sailor Melinan (http://wowhead.com/npc=18954) Fixed
Botanist Tyniarrel (http://wowhead.com/npc=16367) Fixed
Sempstress Ambershine (http://wowhead.com/npc=16366) Fixed
Shoulders of the Foreseen Protector (http://wowhead.com/item=143576&bonus=569) Added loot
Shoulders of the Foreseen Conqueror (http://wowhead.com/item=143566&bonus=569) Added loot
Shoulders of the Foreseen Vanquisher (http://wowhead.com/item=143570&bonus=569) Added loot
Gauntlets of the Foreseen Vanquisher (http://wowhead.com/item=143567&bonus=569) Added loot
Gauntlets of the Foreseen Conqueror (http://wowhead.com/item=143563&bonus=569) Added loot

Gauntlets of the Foreseen Protector (http://wowhead.com/item=143573&bonus=569) Added loot
Chest of the Foreseen Conqueror (http://wowhead.com/item=143562&bonus=569) Added loot
Chest of the Foreseen Protector (http://wowhead.com/item=143572&bonus=569) Added loot

Chest of the Foreseen Vanquisher (http://wowhead.com/item=143571&bonus=569) Added loot
Helm of the Foreseen Vanquisher (http://wowhead.com/item=143568&bonus=569) Added loot
Helm of the Foreseen Protector (http://wowhead.com/item=143575&bonus=569) Added loot
Helm of the Foreseen Conqueror (http://wowhead.com/item=143565&bonus=569) Added loot
Leggings of the Foreseen Vanquisher (http://wowhead.com/item=143569&bonus=569) Added loot
Leggings of the Foreseen Conqueror (http://wowhead.com/item=143564&bonus=569) Added loot
Leggings of the Foreseen Protector (http://wowhead.com/item=143574&bonus=569) Added loot

High Botanist Tel'arn (http://wowhead.com/npc=104528) Boss rewriten
Krosus (http://wowhead.com/npc=101002#abilities) Boss rewriten
Awilo Lon'gomba (http://wowhead.com/npc=93536) learn Cooking (http://wowhead.com/spell=195128)
Katherine Lee (http://wowhead.com/npc=28705) learn Cooking (http://wowhead.com/spell=195128)
Mama Diggs (http://wowhead.com/npc=93189) learn Mining (http://wowhead.com/spell=195122)
Kuhuine Tenderstride (http://wowhead.com/npc=92464) learn Herb Gathering (http://wowhead.com/spell=195114)
Olisarra the Kind (http://wowhead.com/npc=93529) learn First Aid (http://wowhead.com/spell=195113)
Marcia Chase (http://wowhead.com/npc=95844) learn Legion Fishing (http://wowhead.com/spell=210829)


Fixed quest :
Fixed over 200 quest , no sense from list

All transformed to daily quest , so y can change professions:
Blacksmight Strange New Ores (http://wowhead.com/quest=38499)
Engineering Aww Scrap! (http://wowhead.com/quest=40545)
Alchemy Get Your Mix On (http://wowhead.com/quest=39325)
Tailoring Sew It Begins (http://wowhead.com/quest=38944)
Leatherworking Skin Deep (http://wowhead.com/quest=39958)
Jewelcrafting Facet-nating Friends (http://wowhead.com/quest=40523)
Inscription Sign This (http://wowhead.com/quest=39847)
Skinning Stonehide Leather Sample (http://wowhead.com/quest=40131)

Transfromed to weekly qeust , limited to uor own class:
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46147)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46143)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46142)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46141)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46140)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46133)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46132)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46131)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46130)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46129)
Knowledge is Power (http://wowhead.com/quest=46108)


Added :
Now can get items with better stats and item level from The Nighthold , Emerald Of Nightmare and Karazhan

Items witch y can take :
From Karazhan : Drape of Shame (http://www.wowhead.com/item=142170/drape-of-shame&bonus=41:1552:1808:3452)
The Nighthold : Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes (http://www.wowhead.com/item=140898/radiant-string-of-scorpid-eyes&bonus=41:1552:1808:3445)
Emerald of Nithmares : Cursed Beartooth Necklace (http://www.wowhead.com/item=139239/cursed-beartooth-necklace&bonus=1552:1806:1808)
* All items drop random.

Special notes at update :
Red - Very important update
White - Important update