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    Thread: Ban appeal

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      Ban appeal

      Character Name: Rosey
      Realm: Destiny
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: I recall that it happened few months ago. I logged my mage and i was pretty bored. So i decided to hang around in silvermoon city (opposite faction mall). There i was killing some guards, just derping around as usual. When i pressed spacebar (jump), my character actually floated. I was flying but in normal speed though. I thought i was bugged in someway so i logged off and logged back in, i still was flying. Then i found out every player in silvermoon was having that issue. All players were flying around like "rofl look at me". It was pretty funny to me so i flied all the way to the mall from silvermoon entrance and killed some of low geared characters with my mage. That is how i got banned.
      Reason for being Unbanned: I would like to get unbanned because i was doing nothing unusual to cause my character to bug. But me flying to the mall killed several players was my fault. I overdone it (kind of abused the bug). But killing few players can't get me to anywhere, it's sole purpose was that i was having fun.
      Anything you would like to add:
      I wanna prove that i'm loyal and worthy player to the community once more, if you give me the chance. If something like this ever happens again, i won't do anything bad towards the server and the players. I didn't have time to make the ban appeal thread sooner. Because i was gone to military encampment throughout the entire summer. I'm terribly sorry for what i've done. Thank you.
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      We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

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      The GM that banned you is no longer with us on staff.

      You have been very honest and it has was your first ban and it has also been a few months now.

      Please make a report next time if your character is bugged, do NOT abuse it or you will not be unbanned next time.

      Ban Appeal: accepted

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