Name:(talent): Sacred Shield
Class: Paladin
What it should be doing: It should stop every incoming damage and absorb them if you reach 30% health. That mean if you are at 31% and a mage nukes you, you will normaly loose 1% life and the rest should directly be absorbed by the sacred shield. Also, it apply for every trinket that has a proc, and weapon.
What it's currently doing: Sometimes, mustly in arena. You are getting nukes so fast(hard) that your Sacred Shield appear below 30%. It happen in my opinion due to PvE item with proc. Sometimes it proc at 15%, sometimes 22% etc etc... And sometimes(!) its rare, but you can event die without it even proccing !

Basicly if you are being nuked SO hard, it can happen that you are at 30% with sacred shield having only like 1-3k to absorb, because it already absorbed the nuke that was supposed to get you below 30% (and maybe even kill you).