Hello WoWMortal community,

If you guys are wondering why the numbers of total PVP events hosted are lowered, then let me explain why.

I will be making suggestions because we GM'S can't go further like this.

How you guys treat us as GM'S is not acceptable

Example: When we are hosting a event (10v10 event for example.) When you guys are losing i see people leaving and raging in mortal chat for no reason because they lost an event. I want to make this clear we are GM'S and we host events for your pleasure, We are trying to do our best but if you guys complain because you lost then i don't see an point of hosting PVP events. I see players insulting GM'S or just raging in general towards GM'S.
If you guys complain how we create events everytime we create a event then i don't see the point of us doing events.

I would like to make some new rules for PVP events.

If you are raging towards GM'S then a GM will mute you with this spell http://www.wowhead.com/spell=1852/silenced

Players raging towards other players will as well end into a mute http://www.wowhead.com/spell=1852/silenced

At least i will be more strict in my events because we GM'S can't go further like this. Getting complained by the community itself.

I hope you guys agree with the suggestion i made

May the future be bright with good events!

Best regards Disavowed.