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      What's the deal..

      Character Name: Deadlygrim
      Realm: Destiny
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: I have been told that I got banned for "teleport hacking"
      Reason for being Unbanned: First of all have you investigated and monitored me before taking any procedures? I have been a member in this community since the first release of 4.0.6 and never used hacks of any sort. Last night I kept creating tickets asking to be teleported out, I had a feeling that somebody was somehow pushing me out for like 20-25 meters persistently. I'm very positive it's either the spriest Scriptboy or/and Nerpherez the troll DK. One of them took me in a weird location underground twice and all other kicks were at south gurubashi. As I have said above I would never use hacks, I play legit as usual. Any suspicion should be looked at seamlessly over 2-3 days, And not instant banning me for something I haven't done. At least I don't affirm any hacks throughout my WoW experience. I am really shocked and upset how it come down to being lazy banning somebody who's very committed to the rules without any strict observation. So that being said I would like to ask from higher ranked staff to either look at GMs log and check if they have teleported me twice, logically if I am using "teleport hack" as you guys claim why would I cleverly ask to be teleported? Is it conspiracy or am I just being treated wrongly, I don't know what else to say other than please get your facts straight I am not responsible for or directly involved in an event yet suffering it's consequences. Also you can check right after I was being teleported by one of those scripters I said "wtf lol" if I recall. How's that supposed to mean to fool myself or getting advantage when I'm 85% hp and my enemy is 23%. That's just non sense. I'm playing legit and always will since my foot stepped into this community. Not a single ban on my record
      Anything you would like to add:
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      Hades Guest
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      The fact that you are getting randomly teleported by "somebody else" is weird. Since you were almost dying and your enemy was full hp you teleported away and start eating. As seen in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXFc...ature=youtu.be

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