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      Canea Guest
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      Forum Transmog Competition

      Rules to the Transmog Competition.

      Player's will choose one of their best equiped and transmoged character for this event and find a suitable background that they think it would fit their character transmog the best.

      Rules are:
      1.No hacking/third party programs used to reach your favorite and best looking places.(If determined by the staff that u have used hacks u will be Disqualifed from the event and banned aswell)
      2.Only 1 subbmision per character,so choose wise which one it is going to be.
      3.If a staff member's wants to participate in the event,they will have to do it from their own normal accounts.
      4.No insulting and mean comments towards other players transmog posts.Such posts will be deleted and.

      The players will have a chance to rate their personal favourite transmog submisions made by other player 1 day before the end of the event.

      If there are 2 or more tied players in the final voting the staff members will have chance to vote their best transmog and the final word will come up from the staff.


      1st Place: 1x
      " Bag of Legendary Illusions.
      1x Swift Lovebird Mount

      Attachment 4423

      2nd place:100x Spirit Shards
      1xBag of Endless Tabards or 3x Bag of Endless Shirts

      3rd place:75x Spirit shards
      3x Bag of Endless Shirts.

      Submission's thread> http://forums.wowmortal.com/weekly-c...g-contest.html
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