Name: Earth Shield
Class: Restoration Shaman
What it should be doing: Proc a heal on the target when the earth shielded target takes direct damage
What it's currently doing: It does this on players, however on pets it bugs out completely. On pets it procs off every single time the target takes damage. Just as an example, say you play Restoration shaman and warlock in 2v2, and you face a death knight holy paladin team. The death knight grows completely tired of trying to kill you or the warlock so he targets the pet. Death knights always put their diseases up first of course. So this death knight gets the warlock pet to maybe 10k health, then you earth shield it. The way it works on pets is that it procs any time it takes damage so it procs even when the dots tick. So thus, if a pet gets low, restoration shamans are able to just earth shield it if it has dots up and it will actually get healed to full health within 1-2 seconds. It's meant to proc off direct damage only, so this bug gives restoration shamans a huge advantage against teams that need to kill pets.