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    Thread: Ban appeal

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      Ban appeal

      Character Name: Athenea
      Realm: Destiny - instant 85
      Reason for Ban [Check your Account Panel]: Wintrade arenas
      Reason for being Unbanned:We wasn't doing wintrade , we just saw same guys in 3s que and then we start to que , because we need rating , the thing is we never did wintrade , so please unban me , i need this acc
      Anything you would like to add: Well, gm please, i need play this acc is the one with my best characters and it wasn't wintrade , please trust me , need be unbanned.

      Last edited by DavidHunt; 08-08-2016 at 08:17 AM.

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      Canea Guest
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      I am:
      Ban Appeal-Denied.

      Your friend's and yourself have been doing the wintrade in the past as well,you know what you did and what for you have earned the punishment.Let this be your lesson that everyone gets caught at some point.


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      Hades Guest
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      I am:
      The doing is why i banned you is because your opponents were a blood dk a frost dk and a rogue.

      All of the accounts were spanish related yours Ilyanah and then some random dk called dqdqfqxd. Queing into them 5 times in a row this is obv you guys wintrading

      Take your punishment as a man.

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