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      Hades Guest
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      How to report a GameMaster


      Making threads against GM'S causing chaos on the forums raging flaming and in general just insulting isn't the right thing at all and will make it difficult for an admin to know what the GM has done wrong.

      If you want to report a GM then you should PM an admin on forums showing proof of what the GM has done wrong! If you have no proof of the GM then no actions will be taken.

      Who can help you?

      The admins/GM'S you can Rely on.

      [email protected]


      Head Game Master
      These Admins/GM'S will do their best to take action against the GM you reported to them. If of course there isn't enough proof of the GM you reported then no action will be taken. There has to be SOLID proof of the GM breaking rules or doing something that is not right

      How do you contact them?

      If you want there to be action taken then you HAVE TO send a private message on forums.

      If you are going to make a thread pointing out things that are not right then this will not help you have to PM these listed Admins/Gm's that i just pointed out above.

      What do you have to put in the PM so admins/gm's can take action.

      Proof screenshots video proof.
      Explanaition of the situation and what exactly happend at that place.
      When did this happend?
      Remember that making a bad report without proof or full of personal hate won't get you anywhere.


      Who i report: Canea
      Why i report him: For being a bad boy
      Proof: (Screenshot) of him being rude towards players. And banning them without any reason.
      Additional info: this is the 5th time he's doing this and its ruining the fun... But i want to remind you player Z and V also have proof

      And if you are thinking admins only listen to GM's then you are wrong.

      The community always comes first place! If there is shown proof in that picture and no doubt that the GM is abusing then we will indeed take action.

      Staff does care about the community but you cannot just make a thread because you personaly hate that GM we cannot fire a staff member without proof we need solid proof to take action.

      If you feel you are wronged by a GM or you don't feel well with that GM being a member of staff then please message the admins/gm's listed above. And they will look into that.


      If an admin doesn't approve with this then feel free to edit/change this post.

      Just wanted to make stuff clear. And how reporting a GM goes on WoWMortal.

      Best regards Hades

      This may get updated in the future.

      Last edited by Ceffaelo; 08-25-2017 at 03:57 AM. Reason: Up to date.

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      Hades Guest
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      #Updated Staff Listing.

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      Hades Guest
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      Added links to new Staff members. Updated some stuff!

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      Hades Guest
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      #Updated some stuff in it!

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      Updated the list.

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