Gladiator Season 10

Arena Season X
Starting Date: January 3rd 2017

Ending Date: March 3rd 2017

Rank 1

  • Gladiator's Arena Legend Shirt.

  • 8 Donation Tokens.

  • Title: Ruthless Gladiator.

  • Custom mount.

  • 100 Box of Spirit Shards.

  • Arena Forum Title.

Rank 2

  • Gladiator's Arena Legend Shirt.

  • 5 Donation Tokens.

  • Title: Rival.

  • Custom mount.

  • 75 Box of Spirit Shards.

Rank 3

  • Gladiator's Arena Legend Shirt.

  • 3 Donation Tokens.

  • Title: Challenger.

  • Custom mount.

  • 50 Box of Spirit Shards.


Rewards will not stack
; meaning, if you get Rank 1 in 2v2, and Rank 2 in 3v3 or 1v1, you will only be eligible for the highest rated teams reward.
Rewards will only be given to the top players (with the most games played) in each brackets teams. The extra player(s) with the lowest amount of games will be disqualified as a result, no exceptions. Top 2 players in a 2v2 team, top 3 players in a 3v3 team, main player in a 1v1 team.
If you've got some of rewards from previous competitions / seasons, your items will be turned into Souls, but will not be given to alts.
NO REWARDS can be passed to alts with no exceptions.
3v3 Teams require a minimum of 1500 rating to qualify for 3v3s bracket rewards.
Gladiator's Arena Legend Shirt will be given to those who only finish in the top 3 of each arena bracket. (1v1, 2v2, 3v3).
If a player has the written rewards above from a previous season, their items will be exchanged in Spirit Shards.
Anyone attempting to Trade / Exchange / Sell Arena Wins will have their teams deleted, and their Conquest will be set to 0. They will also be banned for a significant amount of time as a result, keep it clean, keep it fair!
Teams will be looked over every 1-2 days for existing alt farming teams, if found this will result in IP bans, and hefty account bans for the users involved. If involved your Conquest, Rating, Teams will be set to 0, and subsequently deleted.
All arena teams will be wiped on the next server restart, starting from this moment.

Multiple characters / accounts in top divisions may result in disqualification.

If you have any additional questions in regards to this season announcement or during the season, please be sure to message a staff member and they will get back to you as soon as possible, thank you in advance.

Best of luck!

Best regards
WM Staff