Name: Living Bomb

Fire Mage

What it should be doing:
Dealing X damage over Y seconds, explode upon expiration. Limit 3 targets.

What it's currently doing:
First off, it has no target cap meaning you can use Impact to spread it to infinite targets, this particularly is broken in PvP because the explosion in itself does ridiculous damage, and so if there's any pets (i.e mage mirror images) you can spread it to up to 5-7 targets at once and everyone nearby will explode for 60-70k damage each.

Second, Living Bomb should NOT explode when dispelled, however on here it does. Also makes it kinda broken since you're punished far more by dispelling it than you would ever be letting it sit.

And also as a request, if you could, please look at re-adjusting the values of Living Bomb a little bit (explosion in particular). It doesn't seem like much at first, but in 3v3 (where I hope balancing would matter) you can deal up to 50k damage PER living bomb PER target, in conjunction with your other dots and combustion that's just.. yeah..