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      Exclamation Q & A to most frequent issues

      1. Character stuck
      Q: Fell down a hole whilst corpse running and can’t get out? Managed to find your way between some boxes and now you’re trapped like a rat? Fear not! Getting out is not that hard at all!
      A: Log on http://wowmortal.com/ then go to CHARACTERS then press on Unstuck/Revive for the desired character.

      2. Banned account
      Q: My account got banned and i don't know/can't see/want to find out the reason.
      A: You may create an ban appeal on Forum: Ban Appeals. Make sure to follow the Ban Appeal Template!

      3. Item transfer
      Q: I have this item and i would like to transfer it on another character, Can i do that?
      A: No, we don't transfer items. For more information please check Forum: Rules and Regulations!

      4. Progression loss/rollback
      Q: I lost my items/progress during an server crash/rollback/disconnect/restart. How can i get it back?
      A: Server issues like crash and disconnects are a natural part of the private server industry. We can't be hold responsable for losses suffered during crash, rollback, disconnect, restart and so on. Please understand that we don't have the meanings to log each loss and refund lost progress. For more information please check out Thread: Refund Policy and Thread: Terms of Service.

      5. Hacked/lost account/password.
      Q: My account got hacked/i forgot my account password. What can i do?
      A: You can retrieve/reset your password on wowmortal.com. Click on LOGIN then on RETRIEVE PASSWORD and type your registration e-mail adress for the desired account. For more information please read Thread: Hacked accounts.

      6. Complaining about Game Masters
      Q: I feel I have been "wronged" in some way by a Game Master/I saw a Game Master behaving badly. How should i proceed?
      A: If you wish to reaport a Game Master please follow Thread: How to report a GameMaster.

      7. Report a cheater
      Q: I want to report a hacker/cheater! Where can i do that?
      A: You can report a hacker here Forum: Report Cheater. Make sure you follow the Report Cheater Template!

      8. Contacting a Game Master in-game
      Q: I need assistance! How can i contact a Game master in-game?
      A: To create a ticket one simply needs to do the following:

      In this screen you can start writing your ticket. The screen by default will look like: http://bit.ly/lB9K2H
      After pressing “Submit” the ticket will enter the queue.
      After clicking "Submit" a small help frame will pop up (http://bit.ly/ma1ew4) which states that you have submitted a GM ticket, together with a small note icon on the actual red "?" as a symbol of the created ticket. If you right click on it you can “Abandon your ticket” thus removing it from the queue or you can “Edit your ticket” if you want to change it a bit. Do note that editing your ticket does not reset its position in the queue.
      Another thing worth noting is that if you provide enough information a GM can usually help you even if you’re offline, so there’s no need to stay online hours after each other simply waiting for a GM.
      This ticket holds all the information a GM would need to look around for your character, even when you’re offline.

      9. Elite Cataclysmic Gear
      Q: How do i get Elite Cataclysmic Gear?
      A: Check out this guide!
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