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      Edenprojectx Guest
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      Quote Originally Posted by JaneXO View Post
      ● Application posters are not to reply or discuss comments on their own Applications unless asked by a member of Staff. Comments will be deleted and can lead to a Denied Application.

      It's the first thing said on the template thread.

      And in my opinion I don't think anyone would need help on a leveling server, wowhead does exist and if there is a bug they can always report it on the forums. Though thats just me.

      P.S you spelt Halifax wrong /).(\
      ??????????????????????????????????????? Go away LOL

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      Hades Guest
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      Gamemaster Application Rules & Requirements [Important must read before applying]

      ● Application posters are not to reply or discuss comments on their own Applications unless asked by a member of Staff. Comments will be deleted and can lead to a Denied Application.
      ● Off Topic comments will lead to deletion of posts and may lead to forum account suspensions (depending on the post).
      ● You must be at least 17 Years Old to be eligible to post a Staff Application. If known to be younger, your Application has a high chance of getting denied.
      ● You must have at least 10 reasonably quality posts (the quality of the posts will be decided by the WoWMortal Administration team).
      ● You must be part of the WoWMortal Forum community for at least 30 days prior to posting a Gamemaster Application(This means in-game and forums!). If known to be inactive or to have joined in-game or the forums for anything shorter than 30 days/1 month your Application will be effected by this.
      ● Any attempts of promoting your application to any Staff Members or the community, will result in an immediate Denial of your Application.
      ● Attempts at copying other player's applications, will result in an automatic Denial of your Application.
      ● You need to be able to use sense and reason.
      ● You need to act professional and not use your Gamemaster position only for personal benefit.
      ● If your application gets denied please wait 30 days minimum before you apply again.

      Please note that decisions about Gamemaster Applications are being taken by all members of the Administration team.

      This is one of the reasons you're not fit for this position if you can't follow the simple rules, GM needs responsibility which you don't have as i can see. You already broken 2 promisses.
      And Post farming.

      You're not fit for this position, saying its an "option". Yes its an option but that option is for your side very fatal since it may end up as in Denied.

      Not saying you would ever get accepted with this kind of rushed application. Next time i'd recommend to read carefully and not rushing to become GM. GM is about you helping the server and not the title lately a lot of GM's here are just here for the title and work for 1 week and become bored and inactive. I'd hope you won't be like they are. Anyways goodluck.

      "Excluding some of the GM's who have great creativity and are indeed active i'd love to say keep up"
      A huge no support tho. You would not fit for this position at all, and yes i have supported retards in the past but i changed.

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      I don't think we're in need of GMs for legion at the momment. However, I give you a no support for the reasons stated above.
      Good luck.

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      Level completed: 30%, Points required for next Level: 2,054
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      is wondering
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      Once I can resolve issue with my Legion client I will look to hire a separate team to handle support tickets on the realm.
      Until then, I will leave this pending.
      Unless inactive.

      I apologize that your application has been left a side for this amount of time.

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