[Legion X10 Realm] Server Updates 16.05.2017

We have updated the server to latest PATCH 7.2

Download the new launcher at https://wowmortal.com/download.php

Below you will find the updatesLog!


It is available now! Just:
+ Increased pumping Artifacts
+ the New Legendary Items
+ New quests (partially added)
+ New local quests

in the coming days
1) completely upgraded location http://wowhead.com/broken-shore
(Data on it is now being tested on the test server)
+ Added new quests 7.2 (currently closed)
+ Added new monsters 7.2 (currently closed)
2) will be implemented in the flight split islands
3) And due to the fact that apdeyt turned out to be unexpectedly large, we do not have time to install the system set Honor and prestige, so that it will be in the next update.
4) new templates for BG (version 7.2)

In the next few weeks:
+ NEW RAID Tomb of Sargeras http://wowhead.com/tomb-of-sargeras


+ Corrected drop causes server 4
+ Implemented constant instant flights accounts for VIP
+ Implemented to enhance the experience for VIP accounts (20x)
+ added entries about the artifact with a 15% chance in the local tasks and the gain on BG
+ Implemented ban on the use of the legendary things Battlegrounds
+ Implemented Outfitting to two two the legendary items, the if you have to Achieve Some stories
+ Implemented the a character's the self-the healing
+ Implemented the HELLHEYM portal area and set IT to Press enter to the
+ the Fixed Disappearance of the the NPC DURING the passage of chain death knights the
+ Fixed a bug where when changing specialization zabagivatsya could damage of the artifact
+ implemented Honor medallion + Honor medallion
+ Fixed a bug where the battlegrounds could

UPDATES spells, talents and similar:
Breathing Sindragosa corrected formula
mastery: the excitement of the elements copied Chain Lightning
Punisher Tire implemented
Victory Rush corrected formula
Symbol stars implemented
Leech implemented
Storm bones implemented
bomb-crater corrected formula
Avalanche rewritten
Howling Blast corrected formula
Incinerate corrected formula
Chaos Bolt corrected formula
Fang Goldrinn corrected formula
Nova corrected formula
Sunny anger corrected formula
Frost breath corrected formula
Beat saber added combo accumulation
Sinister strike added combo accumulation
Eviscerate corrected Scaling from combo
Blinding light Fixed
Flurry shuriken added combo accumulation
shadow Technology is Implemented
Unrelenting strikes Implemented
Mastery: Executioner rewritten
Touch Book is implemented
blow saber sold wonderful opportunity
Rupture Implemented
throw shuriken corrected formula
Shield of the Righteous corrected formula
Victory Rush corrected formula
poisoned wound corrected formula
Incinerate corrected radius
Fetid regurgitation corrected formula
Wound Poison corrected formula
Poisoned wounds Fixed bug with povrezhedniyami
split fixed
Wrath of Air is implemented
Steals life poison Implemented
Deadly venom Implemented
command "Take!" rewritten
Contact Hati implemented call
Cyclic ritual implemented
Icy breathing corrected
Poisoned wound implemented energy replenishment

Anger Sleeper corrected self-healing
Anger Fel corrected self-healing
fragment prison Traitor corrected self-healing
fish fillet in the engine oil corrected self-healing
Degeneration fixed self-healing
Vampiric Embrace fixed self-healing
Encouraging cry of fixed self-healing
insatiable hunger fixed self-healing
Metamorphosis fixed self-healing
Bloodlust fixed self-healing
Stealing life fixed self-healing
'Twas the Blight fixed self-healing
Dushekrad fixed self-healing
deep roots fixed self- healing
eternal thirst fixed self-healing
great battle fixed self-healing

Pr Vera W rewritten
engine: fuse warhead rewritten
explosion rewritten
detonator combat missile rewritten
Call of the Blood Elves script rewritten
Darkness rewritten
Shadowfiend rewritten
visual conversion effect (periodic shell) rewritten
Periodic call the Blood Elves rewritten
Crushing lightning rewritten
Crushing lightning rewritten
divine steed rewritten
Instantly being constructed statue rewritten
roar of sacrifice rewritten
Victory Rush rewritten
Frostbolt rewritten
Frozen orb rewritten
Blizzard rewritten
undefined The lane episan
Taunt This Flag the Targeting rewritten
Strike thunder rewritten
Shockwave rewritten
Bloodlust rewritte n
Moonfire rewritten
Sunfire rewritten
Warrior Charge Drop Fire Periodic rewritten
divine feather rewritten
Rain of Fire rewritten

fixed group of poisons:
Non-lethal poison: Crippling Poison Steals life Poison
Deadly Poison: Wound Poison Deadly Venom Agonizing poison

FACILITIES Magath Silverton updated trader
Faldren Tillsdeyl updated trader
Toren Lendou updated trader
Stone Guard Zargo updated trader
First Sergeant Hola'mahi updated trader
Brave Stone Skin updated trader
Galra updated trader
Rogok updated trader
Doriss flyers updated trader
Blood Guard Zar'shi updated trader
Sergeant Thunderhorn updated trader
Deathguard Netarian renewed trader
Raider Bork updated trader
Imprinting time fixed shield


+ 50 order local jobs fixed 7.2
+ Fixed order of job 150 7.2
+ 100 Fixed order of jobs 7.1.5

titanium Touching made weekly quest (can be taken repeatedly
) titanium Touching made weekly quest (can be taken repeatedly
) titanium Touching corrected award
Touching titanium corrected award

Realize attainment
Lee-and-and-and-and-and-and-and-Ira ..?
of Mythic: Xavius
freed monsters
rise traitor
Royal Reading Room
in the arms of Nightmare
epochal mode: Xavier
epochal mode: Cenarius
epochal mode: dragon Nightmare
epochal mode: Wild Eleret Lan
epochal mode: Nizendra
Crimson room (10 players)
Crimson room (25 count)
Crimson hall (r roich. 10 players)
Crimson Hall (Heroic. 25 players)
decompressor helium (10 count)
decompressor helium (25 count)
Plagueworks (10 count)
Plagueworks (Heroic. 10 player)
Plagueworks (25 count)
Plagueworks (Heroic., 25 players)
Facilities Frostwing (10 count)
Facilities Frostwing (Heroic. 10 player)
Facilities Frostwing (25 count)
Facilities Frostwing (Heroic. 25 players)
Frozen Throne (10 count)
Defeating fallen King
Frozen Throne (25 count)
Flare dawn
Stone is caught (10 players)
Bone caught (25 players)
Full house (10 player)
Full house (25 player)
I took and all the spoil (10 players),
I took it and blew it (25 players)
Dances with Oozes (10 player)
Dances with Oozes (25 player)
"Masks no!" (25 players)
"Masks no!" (10 players)
Heaviness, bloating and abdominal pain ... (10 players)
Heaviness, bloating and abdominal pain ... (25 player)
With live vampires - krovushku drink! (10 players)
with vampires to live - krovushku drink! (25 count)
Walking through portals (10 count)
Walking through portals (25 count)
mysterious lady (10 count)
mysterious lady (25 count)
Sturm Citadel (10 count)
Sturm Citadel (Heroic. 10 player)
Sturm Citadel (25 Player )
Sturm Citadel (Heroic. 25 player)
Archavon Stone (10 count)
Archavon Stone (25 count)
Koralon the Flame Watcher (10 count)
Koralon the Flame Watcher (25 count)
Toravon the Ice Watcher (10 count)
Toravon the Ice Watcher (25 players)
Emalon Storm (10 players)
Emalon Storm (25 players)
Earth, Wind & Fire (10 player)
Earth, Wind and Fire (25 players)
Arcanic Cling
of Mythic: of The Arcway of Guild the Run

No Time The to Waste
Eat, drink and be merry
Throne of the Four Winds
Burning bridges
Change of Scenery
light show
treacherous infinity
you can not handle
No more web
of Mythic: Mannoroth
of Mythic: Gorefiend
of Mythic: Iron Maidens

ATTENTION! Due to the fact that underwent a big change in the code may crash or other bugs for a while! We will try to correct them in the next few days.

The Notes of The updated Special:
RED - a very by important change in
the BOLD - Significant changes