Hello everyone .. you may and may not know me.. no matter

The subject I am about to discuss is kind of a sensitive subject to every wow player out there and specially for veterans like me.

Long story short I quit retail wow when cataclysm was introduced due to the huge class imbalance and specially in duels and 2v2s .. I mained Death Knight since the release of wrath and I know every dk out there knows what I'm talking about when it comes to a class with sustained dps and no cc's in 2's and duels.
(3v3 is somehow different).

Blizzard has always been nerfing and buffing classes randomly .. it just happens that ur class might not be the flavor of the month.

and I see a lot of imbalance on wowmoral , setting aside the buggs.

I think the Dk class needs a rework and no I am not saying that u should buff frost , I am talking about the only and only pvp spec UNHOLY.

how do you feel when log on to your fav server only to get oneshot by a lower gear rogue or a fire mage?

what I am trying to say is that not only DK or druids or any other class needs change , i think the whole pvp 1v1 needs balance.

if we only could have a balanced PVP wow then the game would become great and numbers will sky rocket on wowmortal .. this is has always been the desire for ever wow pvp player.

best regards,