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      Talking Battleground Coins (more uses)

      So as title says I have come up with more uses for the BG coins, which you can obtain from BG chest which drops when you win a BG.

      Number 1:

      So how this works is, I collect say 30 BG coins (depending on the effect of shirt, perhaps a tabard too), I go to the special Npc and I get my shirt. However these shirts should not be obtainable by ANY other sort of way. (ex ; questing, endless shirt bag, etc)

      Number 2:

      So, now we come to number 2, my favorite idea. We can convert certain amount of BG coins into certain amount of valor. Now let me tell you why this is fair, as im both pvp'er and pve'er , the pvp gear is way harder to obtain than pve. I guarantee you, if enough raids are hosted I can gear cap my character in 1 day. Because you obtain the pieces of your gear slowly in every run. But in pvp you have to endlessly queue up and get 1 piece of mainset/weapens per idk 3/4/5 days of farming? You probably get my point.
      Its really unfair for pvp community therefore this shall be implemented.

      Number 3 : We can use certain amount of BG coins for special transmogs. Now this is abit hard I should mention, since there isn't much transmog left in the expansion. However if our developers can somehow bring WoD/Legion models and trangmogs to our server, it would be great. From this feature , druids will be very pleased, as their class has worst transmogs (in my opinion). And not to worry! Soon I will be posting another suggestion listing atleast 3 transmog set for each class with their id's , screenshots and they will be either from WoD or Legion. However I'm requesting a developer to tell us , if they can implement such feature, else I will not post the suggestion as it will be useless.

      Ty for reading and im waiting for your feedbacks! please tell me if there's an unbalanced feature I have made in this thread, with reasons. Ty all and have great day!

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      You have great creative ideas and you should make more suggestions and guides !

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