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      its like you want to ruin the server on purpose




      someone points out how these players always queue at 5am and how no one can get proof because of this, asks you to check so yet another season doesnt go to waste because of wintraders/abusers, you dont take a few minutes of your time to do this because as you say "there is no proof" lol

      like wtf is this reply "You can't make a valid report based on your opinion on what you think might be happening."

      he asked you to check logs because MULTIPLE players believe that there is wintrading going on here and you reply with that?


      then in total contrast to the above, here you ban a player for wintrading without any proof whatsoever, based entirely on speculation (the same player who went out of his way to let you know how you can fix some bugs, which you completely ignored)


      this is a joke... this guy has been wrongfully banned for advertising for the second time now as this was clearly taken out of context and the report was made by a permanently banned player who spends hours every day making characters with the names of known players and tries to make them look bad (also somehow repeatedly makes forum accounts with the exact same name as already registered users)

      i mean come on, yesterday you banned someone for advertising because he said "i got x rating on y server"
      do you not know the meaning of the word "advertise" or are you just trying to lower the amount of players the server has?

      all of this just shows you have no interest at all in keeping the already small playerbase (not talking about the gurubashi players and pvers who sometimes queue arena at 1.3k mmr but about the players who actually play this server for "competitive" arena)

      oh and jason, before you reply with a wall of text which actually means nothing at all and just avoids the questions we have, dont bother

      either answer the actual questions or there's no need to reply

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      If your aim is just to consistently make threads to be-little the staff or me in particular then the only thing that happens is your permissions get revoked.
      Sctr's ban was justified. Period, nothing more to be said.

      As far as the win trading goes. You may want to look to flame at every choice I make to help you get through the day but it was looked at, and nothing came of it. Period, that's that. It has nothing to do with corruption or any of that ridiculous nonsense.

      Another thread like this, and that'll be the end of it.

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